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User Info: EvilSakurai

4 years ago#52
This deserves to be marked for off topic. Batgirl isn't trans, nor is she going to be in this game, because that DLC list is bull. Therefore, this topic has nothing to do with Injustice.

Seriously, if you post a topic about this on a board that has nothing to do with it, you're obviously:

A: Trolling.
B: Attention Whoring.
C: Both.

Now for my unwarranted opinion on the off-topic discussion at hand:
I consider people what they are. If you're a trans-woman, you're a trans-woman. That's it. Not an insult, nor a compliment. You're still not a woman on a purely biological level. It doesn't mean I won't respect you, or treat you as well as I'd treat anyone else, I'm very accepting of such things.

But moreso, I feel that gender should not play such an important role in a person's identity. The fact that someone feels the need to change their gender is a failure on our culture as a whole. Society should teach people to feel comfortable as themselves, whatever that is, and accept that, instead of trying to make them feel uncomfortable, and feel the need to try to look like the other sex in order to fit in.

How society is structured now, I can see that the people who do change gender benefit from it. But ideally, we should have no "Gender" in our culture. Your biological parts should be that, nothing more. Transgender is something that should not have to exist, ideally.

Transsexual, on the other hand, is a bigger can of worms. I'm not so sure I think it's good for a person to put so much weight in their sexual identity that they must make serious physical changes. Especially since you can't truly change your biological sex, only take steps to alter it in ways. I still respect them, and their decision, but I feel that if someone cannot accept themselves, on a basis of gender, that's not a good thing for the person psychologically. I feel that changing sex is a drastic step, that people should normally avoid, and instead try to come to terms with themselves before they do something irreversible.
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User Info: blueheart100

4 years ago#53
Here's food for thought, why must we take already established characters in comics who are straight and make them gay transsexual or whatever. Why can't comics use this reboot to introduce new characters or super heros who are gay? It's like with the green Lantern from earth 2. He wasn't gay it was his son that was. Why change that? I mean really?
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User Info: RookieBane

4 years ago#54
I just farted and all my windows are closed.
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User Info: lenmutt

4 years ago#55
hey I remmeber you from the ME3 boards ^_^

also please be Cassandra Cain! *hopes*

User Info: 360Chambers

4 years ago#56
First off

User Name tranny_excella
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Its no wonder "it" didn't post again , it just hid in the corner and watched as "it" trolled all of you
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User Info: Misdreavus573

4 years ago#57
Literally every post I've seen from this person has been about transgenders, and they literally have "tranny" in their name.

You know, somehow, I'm starting to think this is a troll...

User Info: Zohar_Metatron

4 years ago#58
Don't know why there aren't any transgender heroes, honestly, beyond the fact that this topic seems to prove the majority of the world still thinks trans people are icky.

But Batman's in the game, and he's bisexual, a furry, and a NAMBLA member, so what harm would it do?
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User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#59
Zohar_Metatron posted...
Don't know why there aren't any transgender heroes, honestly, beyond the fact that this topic seems to prove the majority of the world still thinks trans people are icky.

in some animes/manga and videogames exist a lot of trannies

for example: ixion saga or nier gestalt

User Info: sinthetic17

4 years ago#60

You're level of bigotry disgusts me...

"It" is a term you use to describe something that isn't human. TC is either a "he" or a "she". I'm sure you use the term "it" to describe Holocaust victims too right?

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