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User Info: snicklecuck

4 years ago#61
DC should have a transsexual hero named "It".

User Info: SonicxAmy4Life

4 years ago#62
We already have Wonder Woman

User Info: BluBlue4

4 years ago#63
blueheart100 posted...
Here's food for thought, why must we take already established characters in comics who are straight and make them gay transsexual or whatever. Why can't comics use this reboot to introduce new characters or super heros who are gay? It's like with the green Lantern from earth 2. He wasn't gay it was his son that was. Why change that? I mean really?

I agree. Once a character has a history changes like that seem like so much BS. You see some similar stuff when they try to make some non-white superheros.

I don't read comics (no cash) thought I do follow some story lines through wikis and stuff. Seems like most legacy characters or new characters attached to a popular character's mythology seem to be minorities/LGBT. To disproportionate levels. Not that good characters don't come out of that (black GL and black Aqua Lad are some of my favorite DC animated characters.)

Maybe since "a white guy in a costume" has always kind of been what a superhero was that when trying to change things up looks too blatant.

Pretty sure TC is a troll as others have pointed out.

Zohar_Metatron posted...
Don't know why there aren't any transgender heroes, honestly, beyond the fact that this topic seems to prove the majority of the world still thinks trans people are icky.

But Batman's in the game, and he's bisexual, a furry, and a NAMBLA member, so what harm would it do?

If you aren't joking I desperately need you to elaborate on the Batman stuff.
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User Info: 360Chambers

4 years ago#64
sinthetic17 posted...

You're level of bigotry disgusts me...

"It" is a term you use to describe something that isn't human. TC is either a "he" or a "she". I'm sure you use the term "it" to describe Holocaust victims too right?

Relax buddy, "it" knew what was coming when "it" made the topic title.
Plus for all we know this could be troll. and why would I call holocaust victims "its"?
Wth is wrong with you
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User Info: tranny_excella

4 years ago#65
lenmutt posted...
hey I remmeber you from the ME3 boards ^_^

also please be Cassandra Cain! *hopes*

Hey, hope you're enjoying this game ;)

User Info: tranny_excella

4 years ago#66
First off, I am not an IT. Are we clear? You may refer to me as SHE.

And second, what's wrong with having a trans hero?
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User Info: Bootychin88

4 years ago#68

User Info: Bootychin88

4 years ago#69
People need to be more exepting nowadays, I like girls but I'm not gonna treat someone who is LGBT like a disease because they are who they are. Let that be a lesson to all of you

User Info: green_abobo

4 years ago#70
so which is she, er he? er nm.

ahh what an glorious age we live in.?

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