Still playing? or have you moved on?

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User Info: NoJobBob

4 years ago#1
I've gone back to marvel

though I still think I might give this game another chance....just too many things annoy me thus far such as clash system, stage interactions and stage breaks

User Info: Haelion_

4 years ago#2
I've gone back to Karate Champ.
GT- Haelion W
Justice League Member: Bernie Mac

User Info: landsharkx619

4 years ago#3
Still playing even though certain characters make my blood boil
-Landshark, the reason you're afraid to go alone Pokemon Black 2 FC: 3225-3449-6463

User Info: WT_Neptune

4 years ago#4
Kinda shelved Marvel for Injustice actually.
Scan editor, Tournament frequenter, liker of water-related-type-stuff.
Shamelessly turtling as Grundy erryday!

User Info: CLupula

4 years ago#5
Playing other games, until more of my friends buy it (a few of them are due this week, because of the Toys r Us sale).

Definitely not tired of it. Just tired of fighting strangers online.

User Info: Acidic_One

4 years ago#6
Shelved for phat pickle punch out
Yet another DeZA account

User Info: natey2k4

4 years ago#7
I suck at Marvel. And I hate the capcom characters. Give me a fighter with 50 marvel characters plz.

User Info: Lun-Sei

4 years ago#8
Haelion_ posted...
I've gone back to Karate Champ.
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User Info: Caolan_2k9

4 years ago#9
Haven't stopped, won't stop.
Marvels too boring for me. "Oh look, you've managed to start your combo, I'll just set my controller down while you kill me with one combo"
Always up for a 1v1, friendly or competitive. Gamertag - HyPe xKiwi

User Info: DrachenBaren

4 years ago#10
I still play, but sporadically. I'm trying not to get bored of it before new faces are out.

By the time all the MK DLC was out, I had long moved on. I tried to get back into it, but couldn't.
Formerly DXW131415. Updated Username with merger.
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  3. Still playing? or have you moved on?

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