Ayone else hate Nolan's batman persona?

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User Info: PirateKing290

4 years ago#71
NightMareBunny posted...
the biggest problem with Nolan's Batman...he wasn't a detective he was treated like some brainless brawler that just rambled like a idiot while throwing punches

even the cartoons got the detective part down yet Nolans Batman needed the villains to spell out everything for him(that or it wasn't that difficult to figure out in the first place)

the villains always made him look like a savage moron

This is not true at all.

Every single one of the movies has a few parts where Wayne has to analyze a crime scene and locate villains. In The Dark Knight, the scene where he looks at where the Joker shot his bullet from and then recreates it on his computer in order to locate the room/the bullet imprint.

It's just not in your face cause Nolan knows what people like. Batman is by no means just a brawler in those movies.
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User Info: NightMareBunny

4 years ago#72
why does bane sound like he's Scottish in TDKR?
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User Info: Emperor_mateus

4 years ago#73
I liked the Nolan movies, but I have some trouble taking batman seriously since his voice is so completely over the top that it loses a bit of its effect. He also keeps using it even if the only people around are the ones knowing who he is.
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User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#74
Well, his Batman (the hero) is not as badass as the REAL one, but for me, Batman has always been overshadowed by his amazing villains, and the Nolan movies were no different. I loved each movie for the portrayal of the villains and the roller coaster ride of a plot that found great ways to weave different themes and characters in the universe into one coherent picture.

User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#75
CLupula posted...
What? Clooney's happy-go-lucky wisecracking Batman was your favorite? The one from one of the worst movies, not just comic book movies, but worst overall movies, EVER, is your favorite?!?

While it's better than Keaton's it's pretty bad.

And if some man comes out of the shadows at 2am, dressed like a bat, and beats the crap out of you for taking someone's purse, you're going to be too intimidated by the rest of the situation to notice that he's talking like Solid Snake.

Clooney is best in that he's the only chosen actor who actually fits. Remember, can't blame him for Batman having rubber nipples or being happy go lucky. That's all Schumaker, Clooney's just the actor, he still sticks to the script.

Keaton is too goofy looking to take seriously as Bruce Wayne, Kilmer is too pretty and effeminate, Bale is just hilarious with his kindergarten monster voice.

As someone said earlier, Clooney is pretty much a real life Bruce Wayne as it is. He had the looks, the voice, he fit the role so well, its just a shame he was only cast in the worst possible movie.
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User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#76
pfh1001 posted...
I hate those movies & I loathe Nolan's supposed "realistic" take on Batman. Because it's so realistic that the Joker can rig the entire city with explosives using only his crack squad of completely insane followers.

Anyone who says it is "realistic" is using the wrong word. It is more urban and gritty than "realistic". It forgoes the use of anything magical, mystical or cartoony in favor of a more scientific and grounded version of things. For example, the explanation of Ra's al ghul not actually living forever, and the more gritty take on some of the villains. I personally loved that rendition of Gotham and Batman for what its own merits. They were fun movies that had far more depth than most other super hero movies, and they had unique portrayals of classic Batman characters. It was fun seeing characters like the Joker and Scarecrow manifest from what they are in comics into the Nolan universe. I would have like to see how the Penguin or Riddler would have been transformed. At first glance, they seem like they might not mesh well in the Nolan version, but I think that with enough tinkering, they could have been given a more urbanized and gritty approach as well.

User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#77
No, you're just high.

User Info: Rhapsodes

4 years ago#78
rj568 posted...
Where is the trigger!?

Swear to me!
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User Info: caffiend7

4 years ago#79
I wanna know about bears and rabbits

User Info: diebuster2

4 years ago#80
Capitan_Kid posted...
Nolan Batman>>>>Every other Batman
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