Ayone else hate Nolan's batman persona?

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  3. Ayone else hate Nolan's batman persona?

User Info: dragonkyn20

4 years ago#91
Just gonna leave this here.

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User Info: LordRattergun

4 years ago#92
I think he was a good Batman in the first two films, but he fell apart in Rises like almost everything else.
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User Info: Shishio07

4 years ago#93
compared to the campyness of the old batmans, Nolan's is the best thing ever lol. I much prefer my Batman to be badass and his enemies not having neon guns, much more than wondering if he's gay with Robin and having nipples on his batsuit.

User Info: Binba442

4 years ago#94
It's better than Tim Burton's, that's for sure.

User Info: TheDoctorx7

4 years ago#95
It's the best we got so far but that's not saying much. He's not a detective just a gravel voiced brawler. Best batman is conroy.
Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#96
My number one rule is never to talk about them since I disagree with ~95% of people about them.

User Info: CBASH13

4 years ago#97
Personally, I think it's great. I love the dark, gritty realistic approach. Grounding the Batman universe in reality really helped to sell the series. Batman doesn't have super powers, unless you count his wealth.
It is what it is

User Info: The_Bub

4 years ago#98
Capitan_Kid posted...
Nolan Batman>>>>Every other Batman

So much this.

User Info: ArabAl

4 years ago#99
I love Nolan's batman!


User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 years ago#100
I love the movies for what they are, but people like the ones in this topic make me hate them. People saying "Batman needs to be realistic" are so painfully wrong. Batman isn't realistic, he fights Clayface, and Man-Bat, and Mad Hatter, and Killer Croc, he teams up with Superman, Ra's Al Ghul uses the Lazarus Pit, Bane is on Venom, etc. What Nolan did, it was a nice little thing and a unique take on the franchise. But it certainly wasn't right and should absolutely not be the standard for Batman in film.
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  3. Ayone else hate Nolan's batman persona?

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