I find Battles to be very hard when played on very hard.

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  3. I find Battles to be very hard when played on very hard.

User Info: CPS82

4 years ago#11
kikook posted...
Caolan_2k9 posted...
The computer is harder than a proper opponent.
It knows what you'll do before you do.

Slightly wrong, it knows what you pressed the very moment it's pressed and it instantly counters it without button delay

That's what SF does and why people want AI's to have button delay so when playing the AI on hard/very hard, it's not counterpicking your inputs.

To be more specific.

When I press X the computer immediately knows and does an input but unlike a human when it inputs it has no lag to it. Humans have to physically press it and the motions needed, and so on, but the AI just instantly does the input.

So in SF4, for example, if the AI sees I jump, it immediatly does a FDF.M faster than any human would.

I thought the obvious was implied bro.

User Info: ScrappyDingo

4 years ago#12
I find battle to be very hard playing on normal.

True story. Damn that Aqua Man and Nightwing!

User Info: Kevin_uchiha

4 years ago#13
I can keep up and mostly win on hard.... But VH... It's like NRS was making sure u never won, regardless how well u mastered aaaanyy character. VH = I feel like shouting at my tv and tossing my remote.

User Info: FF_Fiend

4 years ago#14
Guys try survivor or impossible battles yet? Impossible is annoying as hell, because you'll OBLITERATE the first ten opponents or so, leading you into this false sense of security and then BOOM. Aquaman wipes the floor with you. Start over. Cry. And repeat, when you go into the next matchup at half-health.
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User Info: SmashK

4 years ago#15
I know this feel. I played against Bane this morning on Very Hard. Got my butt served to me like 8 times in a row. The first few times I could barely touch him. The AI would start pounding on me before I could even get up off the floor. Ridiculous. Just one seamless transition from one combo beating to the next. Haha!
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  3. I find Battles to be very hard when played on very hard.

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