*board complains when Scorpion is confirmed*

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  3. *board complains when Scorpion is confirmed*

User Info: NoizyChild

4 years ago#31
From: WT_Neptune | #108
You must not understand what S tier means.

S tier means very good, not unbeatable.
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User Info: Dual Zero

Dual Zero
4 years ago#32
chaoshadou posted...
Dual Zero posted...
Scorpion is hella easy to block....

...when you're in Training Mode and he's doing the Teleport Punch over and over and over. Unfortunately, playing against any halfway decent Scorps player and you can already see how broke that character is.

It's not simply because of his Teleport Punch. It's that AND in combination with his Hellfire, Spear, his J3 and mixups. Anybody can crotch block a Teleport Punch. Can you do it on reaction? Nope, it's too fast. You get caught blocking low too often, you're Hellfire'd or J3'd. You're dashing forward, you get Spear'd. You jump or even try to throw a projectile, you'll get TP'd. No competent Scorpion player will ever TP without Meterburning it. Now what does that lead to? It leads to the THREAT of any of the aforementioned moves forcing you into a corner.

This is what happens when you port a Mid-Tier character from MK over with the same exact moveset into a game that has no Block Button, no legitimate threats of Anti-Airs from any character, terrible walk-speed, and interactibles.

Hah, imagine if NRS had ported over Kung Lao or Kabal into this game? Sodium levels would've been high.

If you can't block a 23 frame high/low then I don't know what to tell you.

You obviously didn't read what I wrote.
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User Info: fredjetson

4 years ago#33
WT_Neptune posted...
fredjetson posted...
Scorpion doesnt really need to be nerfed he's S tier but very beatable, you can duck to block or just jump to avoid his teleport, i use GL so if i time it right i can ring grab him and get a full combo if they spam it

You must not understand what S tier means.

Batman, Aquaman, Superman are all S tier and i beat them all the time

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#34
From: fredjetson | #153
Batman, Aquaman, Superman are all S tier and i beat them all the time

Individual player skill = How good a character is obviously.

I beat Aquaman players, Green Lantern players, and Batman players all the time with Bane. That means that Bane is S tier.
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User Info: Emperor_Zerg

4 years ago#35
The trouble with Scorpion with me is that I feel like he completely dictates the pace of the match regardless of where he is at in the screen. Especially if he had meter.

I'm not screaming nerf, but I am salty.
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  3. *board complains when Scorpion is confirmed*

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