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User Info: Dragiconis

4 years ago#1
So last night i was fighting online against the king in a king of the hill match with nightwing. Half way through the fight he gets on his mic and says "i like that combo as much as the next guy but come on use something else". I was using a different hit followed by escrima fury followed by forward hard escrima fury or i'd switch it up and do a jumping hard with a wing ding. Now im pretty new to stringing moves together to make a combo, but as far as i know dont all of night wings combos in escrima stance use escrima fury? Im still not that great and miss the forward hard or the wing ding now and then. But it kinda threw me off when he said that because trying to do a combo in escrima stance without escrima fury is kinda difficult isnt it?

Basically my question is, was this guy right to yell at me about that? I was in a beginner room because i still consider myself a beginner as i can only do 2 to 3 combos with nightwing. Please give me some opinions.

User Info: testament067

4 years ago#2
I main nightwing.

I don't see how anyone has the right to complain because you are using your BNB. He was a scrub and you should never cater to people like that. Play how you wanna.
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User Info: OfficeChair

4 years ago#3
people complaining about getting hit with the same combo are free. don't feel bad, if the same thing works over and over again on them then they suck.
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User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#4
The fact that Nightwing has no lows and he could have literally stand blocked all your combos, he's just bad at games. Keep doing what gets you the v
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