black adam star labs 220

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User Info: DeathBySpam

4 years ago#1
This things driving me nuts ! I can kill killer frost pretty easy but shazams like a damn ninja. Any tips for beating this ?
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User Info: Stev019

4 years ago#2
This is the one that I had last as well. Getting hit by the supe and still winning is just silly.

If you know any combos, it kind of helps, but not really cause of ice. I just spammed that lightning bolt thing and MB when I could. Eventually it worked (like 50 tries). If he got too close, I did my best to block and punish, but I'm not a black adam player in the slighest.
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User Info: Snake_Eyes270

4 years ago#3
I just learnt some mean combos with blackadam, and everytime I could punish I did 40-50% damage (that'd be harder now since black adams damage was nerfed though)
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