Things you've notice on the trailer.

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User Info: AngelSkulz

4 years ago#1
MMH with double air dash.
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User Info: davishepard

4 years ago#2
His other self wasn't floating around in the background

User Info: ExcIusivity69

4 years ago#3
Dhalsim-like attacks, and JL/JLU voice actors.
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User Info: shadic1991

4 years ago#4
I noticed that its just a skin for green lanturn so jon stewart will still have a air plane style moveset.

Martian manhunter disappeared from the background at the watchtower.

His power move is kinda like that of raven. He will get a different kind of moveset for a short time.

His outro kinda sucked, He just stares at the screen.

His super move was kinda cool. So he will transform into his opponent during his attack.
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  3. Things you've notice on the trailer.

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