Zatanna trailer

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User Info: PurpleNarga

4 years ago#1
PSN: DivinexRose

User Info: cctrunks317

4 years ago#2
I am not disappointed.

User Info: Cthulhu_Fhtagn

4 years ago#3
Looks good. Super looks weak though.

User Info: bayleebgb1

4 years ago#4
wheres the new skin
my sig amazing

User Info: strangerock

4 years ago#5
Im not a Zatanna fan but i like her winning animation.
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User Info: KiwiKid980

4 years ago#6
Cthulhu_Fhtagn posted...
Looks good. Super looks weak though.

Yea I agree Super looks weak :/ the rest awesome :)

User Info: United_World

4 years ago#7
Somebody called the Kung-Lao hat thing right.
Give it to me, baby.

User Info: p0922

4 years ago#8
wow and a free boss grundy compatibility skin!

just kidding, and she looks like she'll be a blast.

User Info: neveryuna24

4 years ago#9
She seriously looks cool!
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User Info: cctrunks317

4 years ago#10
Looks like she us some up close combo ability. I wasn't expecting her to be so quick. I was expecting alot more zoning. But it looks like she has both. So a good balance if not necessarily a ton of damage. This is just my guess though.

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