What exactly does Lex Luthor say.....

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User Info: Zato Infinite

Zato Infinite
3 years ago#1
When he wins a round. Every time he says it I keep hearing 'I'm not a Mexican'. Can anybody please tell me as it's driving me nuts.
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User Info: squirrel_boy

3 years ago#2
I always hear something along the lines of: "im lexcorp material" or "im a lexcorp original"

User Info: L_M_4

3 years ago#3
"Another LexCorp success."
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User Info: Luvdisc_

3 years ago#4
"Im non-electrical"
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User Info: lll-SlimJim-lll

3 years ago#5
Yippie Kai Yay

User Info: BlueMagicLore

3 years ago#6
Luvdisc_ posted...
"Im non-electrical"

It's either this or "I'm not electrical."

Which...I don't get the point of him pointing that out to us, but uh...yeah, Lex. Good to know. *shrug*

User Info: SSJGrimReaper

3 years ago#7
He says knees weak moms spaghetti
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User Info: Jmv12345

3 years ago#8
lll-SlimJim-lll posted...
Yippie Kai Yay

User Info: BlackViper415

3 years ago#9
I believe it's "mmbralbmrblmbLexcorp.
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User Info: christiankid7

3 years ago#10
"I've got electrical sensors."

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