Wonder Woman sucks!

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User Info: MonarchPaulos

4 years ago#1
Haha, just kidding- well actually compared to her MK vs DCU form I feel they screwed her moves up- that's all... and she looks a little worse too, I still say MK vs DCU Wonder Woman pwns the Injustice Wonder Woman, what an injustice to Wonder Woman!
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User Info: uchiha454

4 years ago#2
Yeah but if she played that good in injustice she probably would get nerfed every patch because people would say she's too good. She is pretty good right now it is a little disappointing that they didn't really give her anything in this patch though. I have fought insane wonder woman players who could probably beat really good superman, gl, black adam, and batman mains with ease.

User Info: Game Weasel

Game Weasel
4 years ago#3
Mained her in MKvDCU and in Injustice, and I'm not sure how anyone could prefer how she was in MK v DCU. She was slow, clunky, and her hit detection was often spotty... many the time that I would swing my magic lasso and watch it PASS THROUGH my enemy while they continued their charge and brought their fist into my face...

If you're feeling underwhelmed by her capabilities in Injustice you just need more practice with her. Watch some WW tutorial vids on Youtube, experiment in practice, maybe see about finding someone who mains WW that could teach you some things. She's one of the most all around capable characters, many characters have at least one really bad match up, WW is one of the few characters where, no matter who my opponent is, I never feel like I'm truly outclassed by them. The grapplers, the rushers, the turtlers, she has a way to handle all of them; you've just got to practice till you've figured out all her capabilities.
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User Info: MonarchPaulos

4 years ago#4
Actually I thought she was pretty fast in MK vs DCU, and as for what passed on in Injustice I'm not saying EVERY thing with her was wrong, like at least her Lasso Grab is more accurate now- but they could have mixed her version from MK vs DCU and Injustice, that's all I'm saying, she's only got 3 normal moves, and then 3 sword/shield moves! *Special moves* I mean, not so "wonder"ful to me this time around... MK vs DCU she was freaking deadly... sure she didn't have the sword shield there but she didn't need it, she was so damn physical, lol.
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http://www.youtube.com/user/PaulosTheGamer , I am Paulos Hunter Blade, owner of www.gamelegacies.com preserving legacies!

User Info: ConradimusPrime

4 years ago#5
Lasso mode: back + 2.

Wonder Woman rocks. That move is legendarily good.

Anyways, her air punch dash move is great, her parry is good. While her projectiles are short range they give her good screen control in her mid rage game.

In DCU she had some hilarious moves that made no sense and were goofy to watch. I can't see how you prefer it

User Info: OfficeChair

4 years ago#6
she's pretty good except for her "Lose Button" trait.
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User Info: generalguy64

4 years ago#7
They should have at least made her look like a woman.

User Info: mrplow8

4 years ago#8
If I remember correctly, Wonder Woman was low tier in MK Vs DCU. She's much better in this game.

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