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User Info: TC9834

4 years ago#11
Ihatehal52 posted...
Doomsday is a newb friendly character. They just use the same moves over and over and them that air move that's unblockable is ridiculous. Whoever thought of that should get fired.

Agree with the statement about Doomsday being noob friendly, but his supernova move, the unblockable one you were talking about, can easily be forward dashed and punished, or you can meterburn B3, but if you play GA, then you can just use the useless arrows and combo off of that.

A supernova spammer is way less threatening then a shoulder charge spamming Doomsday, and even they are not that threatening. You can punish a non meter burned charge, and if he does meter burn it, just keep blocking. He only, at most, has 4 bars of meter, so it's not like they can do it all game.
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User Info: BlackViper415

4 years ago#12
Doomsday goes 5 - 5 with like 80% of the cast so he really is one of the easier characters. I would personally say Green Lantern is even more noob friendly and flow-charty though. All of them just spam rockets from full screen, then come in with the turbine, and then spam b1 hoping to get a hit so they can do the one combo every GL does. Fairly easy to beat, but annoying as hell. At least Doomsday needs to be in your face for his nonsense.
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User Info: DayManUHuhUUUHH

4 years ago#13
SplitMushroom posted...
Oh you wanna see some Doomsday combos? I'll show ya some Doomsday combos:p......if ya want....

I love you and all, but Doomsday takes no skill to use. Shots fired
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