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User Info: DayManUHuhUUUHH

3 years ago#1
Good luck on your tourney.
Zilla, remember to block and dash when getting zoned out, it does work. You might not want to activate your trait when being zoned, because chances are, you're gonna lose it. Just block and dash, have patience.
Also, to both of you, since your characters rely on armor. Remember that sometimes is better to block moves like Flash's BF2 MB or his B22 string, because moves like that get rid of your armor and beats your attack. Just punish after blocking.
PS: you guys are way better than me, but those are things I've see you struggle with.
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User Info: ArabAl

3 years ago#2
For sure! Thanks for the tips. I definitely intend on being a lot more patient on characters like DS, Flash, and NW. You definitely helped a lot last night.

Hopefully we do well enough and end up on stream.

I know you can find it if you google "Dustbowl Championships 2013".

I think one of the streams is Buteki and the other might be like UFGC or something.

User Info: dantedeschain13

3 years ago#3
Shoot us a message if you guys make stream
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