Bought the ultimate edition in the sale. Looking for some tips and tricks.

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  3. Bought the ultimate edition in the sale. Looking for some tips and tricks.

User Info: AughtforNaught

3 years ago#1
Hey everyone. I'm new to this board, but I'm thinking of sticking around for a while as I'm enjoying this game a good deal so far.

It seems that the community is still fairly active from what cursory searches I've done checking multiplayer. I haven't done any online matches yet as I'm trying to at least get somewhat competent so I won't bore the guy beating me down.

The characters I have some interest in are Green Arrow, Batman, Harley Quinn, and Zatanna. I'm still going through the cast so I may find others I like more or as much.

I understand that Green Arrow is about creating space so that you can equip his shock, fire, and electricity arrows and that each has a certain use. For example the electric does moderate damage and keeps your opponent floating a bit.

Batman seems to be about rushing down and abusing his "Get Down" and pop ups. I don't really know much about fighting games to be honest.

At any rate I'm just looking for general tips from some of the veterans of the game. I've watched a few strategy videos on youtube and am trying to get some of the BnB combos down for the characters I like.

I notice that most people I can challenge online have several thousand fights under their belt, so I'm curious if there are any new people who might like to spar with me since I assume we'd still be figuring it out together.

Thanks to anyone who responds.
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User Info: WWERKO2010

3 years ago#2
Hey, I had this game before but got rid of it and then bought the complete edition last week. I have a couple hundred fights under my belt, but I'm not that good. If you want to practice with me, I'm open to it. Out of those you're interested in, I don't know much about Zatanna, I have a decent Batman although I don't know any long combos, and I know Green Arrow pretty well.

My best characters are Nightwing, Deathstroke, and Superman. The community has certainly died down, so if you want to add me just to have a friend who plays often that's cool too.

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User Info: Bellethor

3 years ago#3
With Green Arrow you're going to want to use Ice Arrows half the time to use his frame traps. They hit high, low and overhead so you can freeze someone after a string and go into a combo. Use Fire arrows for zoning because they give you a hard knockdown but beware because despite being an Archer he can be outzoned easily by certain characters like Zod, Deathstroke and Aquaman because they won't let him load his arrows.
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  3. Bought the ultimate edition in the sale. Looking for some tips and tricks.

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