What alternate Costumes do you Guys want?

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User Info: smashbrother3

5 years ago#11

that is all
I'm Spider motherf****ing Jerusalem, shoot me and I'll spit your bullets right back!
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User Info: SgtRarity

5 years ago#12
Azrael Batman


User Info: ColonelChiken

5 years ago#13
Batman: Plenty to choose from so it doesn't matter.
Superman: Clark Kent costume for the lulz. Future Superman's black and white costume.
Wonder Woman: Birthday suit. Lol, slightly joking. Either her Earth 2 costume or her main book costume. Bonus points for Lynda Carter costume.
Green Lantern: Any of the other earth lanterns. Preferably John Stewart if he isn't another character.
Aquaman: Brave and the Bold. Make it happen.
Harley Quinn: Classic costume. Maybe a little special something that references Poison Ivy.
Cyborg:..I'm at a lost.
Nightwing:See above.
Solomon Grundy: He wants pants too.
Flash: Can't really think of anything for him. Maybe Jay's costume or a Max Mercury costume. Shrink him down and I'd go with Impule.
Green Arrow: Don't care, probably won't play as him.
Deathstroke: Don't care, but he must be voiced by Ron Pearlman.
Lex Luthor: They are probably going to use his Greed Ring costume.
Captain Cold: Parka and Cold gun.

User Info: ThirtyThr33

5 years ago#14
3 costumes

Primary - NRS original design
Tertiary - Another NRS original design
Fun - Costumes from animated series, not unlike the TAS costumes in Arkham City.

I don't want anything specific really, I'd like to see what cool designs NRS can do on their own.
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User Info: Superman5588

5 years ago#15
Bizarro Superman for Superman
Reverse Flash for Flash
Adam West Batman
The other Green Lanterns for Green Lantern
Classic Wonder Woman (she looks more like her modern costume from what I've seen, but I don't know)
Hulk for Solomon Grundy (since it's Fred Tatasciore, and hey I can dream)
Classic Superman (red undies)

User Info: AlphaMonster

5 years ago#16
Green lantern Hal primary Stewart, Scott, Rayner, Gardener, and depending on the his success the new lantern set release in august

Batman: Batman Beyond, 60s Batman with Adam west voice, original batman,

Flash: Wally West with comic clothes, Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, a reverse flash costume but Barry wearing it.

Superman: Red underwear superman, superman beyond , action comics , Bizzaro (pre order special)

Cyborg: Blue mechanism from teen titans

User Info: HughBear

5 years ago#17
Whichever lantern is included (I think they'd only use one, or they have to make their movesets different), they have plenty of other costumes from their temporary turns as members of other lantern corps, not to mention Hal and Kyle's time as Parallax

User Info: Frostbite08

5 years ago#18
Superman: Black Suit from The Death of Superman, Kingdom Come.

Batman: Batman Beyond, Arkham Asylum/City

Green Lantern: John Stewart (I'm assuming it'll be Hal again).

Flash: Dark Flash, either Zoom or Impulse
May Chaos break the rules that bind

User Info: Frostbite08

5 years ago#19
And classic Harley Quinn, but I think that goes without saying.
May Chaos break the rules that bind

User Info: siglumdiobolik

5 years ago#20
batman- any one of his alternate batsuits will do ( but the original blaclava and cargo pants look would be interesting)
nightwing- either his suit with the actual bird symbols or maybe a "batman" suit for when he took the mantle over from bruce
wondewomen- well im not really sure for this one. maybe her royal amazon look instead of the battle amazon look ????
Cyborg- not sure where to go with this one
flash- the outline neon light /slight blur look for when he became in a permanent state of motion
superman- the blur outfit from smallville (not for everyone but i like it) or maybe his older look with a more defined chin and the streak of grey hair
Harley quin- havent seen the current look for her in game but if its closer to the original then i want her arkhum city look and vise versa
grundy- dont care bout this one
one more for batman his exoskeleton suit that he used when he got to old for just a normal suit
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