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User Info: Fate-

4 years ago#1
1 = Light Attack
2 = Medium Attack
3 = Heavy Attack
MB = Meter Burn
B = Back (away from opponent)
F = Forward (towards opponent)
NJ = Neutral Jump
JI = Jump In
+ = Press buttons together

Aquaman's Special Moves

Trident Rush (df1) - A flurry of mid hitting stabs with his trident. 4 hits for 11% damage. Meter Burn is 12 hits for 27%. Use this move to end strings that have been block confirmed. You're safe against everyone besides Superman (f2, 3) and Flash (headbutt). This is punishable by moves 8 frames or faster according to Tom Brady. This builds a lot of meter. EX gives about 80% meter on block and does about 10% chip. With 2 bars of meter, you can do about 5-6 blocked EX trident rushes. You can also dash forward or backward during this move.

From The Deep (db2) - Mid hitting projectile that does 8% damage. Meter Burn version does 2 hits for 13%. Very unsafe at close range.

Water Shield (dd3) - A shield of water that surrounds yourself to absorb attacks, throws, and projectiles. MB version explodes to send enemy to full screen for 8% damage. You can dash forward or backwards out of the shield.

Trident Scoop (db1) - Aquaman scoops opponent over his head with a low -> mid 2 hit combo. A crucial part of most of his juggles. Can be punished by some moves.

Trident Toss (bf2) - A thrown trident that hits high for 11%. Very unsafe at close range. Trades well with aerial projectiles

Aquaman's Main Strings

b12 - Low/Mid hitting string that is -6 on block. Good range. Hit confirm into db2 for full combo. Block confirm into df1 to be safe. (see Trident Rush)

b2 - Overhead with massive range that is -10 on block.

f13 - Mid/Overhead used for corner pressure. It is +2 on block.


Water of Life: One of the best traits in the game. Activating this trait allows Aquaman to block mid combo while not in a juggle state. This essentially is a free combo breaker.

Aquaman BnB's


223 - for forward hard knockdown. Opponent cannot tech roll but can still wakeup attack. You can cross up with a JI3 afterwards for another full combo.

f2, 1+3 - for backwards hard knockdown. Used when you have your back facing the corner. Opponent cannot tech roll but can still wakeup attack. Gives you positional advantage with a bit more recovery time.

b12 xx db2, b12 xx db1, 22 -> ENDER = 28/29% (meterless)
b12 xx db2, b12 xx db2 MB, 22 xx db1 -> ENDER = 40% (1 meter)

b2 xx db1 -> ENDER = 21/22% (meterless)
b2 xx db1, 22 xx db2 MB -> ENDER = 35% (1 meter)
f13, 22 xx db2 MB, 22 xx db1, f2 1+3 = 36% (1 meter - Corner Combo)

d2, 22 xx db1 -> ENDER = 21% (meterless)
d2, 22 xx db2 MB, 22 db1 -> ENDER = 30% (1 meter)
GT: XiX FaTe XiX
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User Info: Fate-

4 years ago#2


Aquaman is extremely good at footsies. With his range on his main starters, b12 and b2, he can dominate at mid range. You want to stay in this range and pressure your opponent with his strings. Using b12, hit confirm into db2 for a full 40% combo. Block confirm b12 into df1 for chip damage, meter, and to make the string safe. As I said before, you can still be punished by Flash and Superman. Throw in a b12 dd3 sometimes. Afterwards you can dash out or explode sending them full screen. This will be your low pressure game.

Your overhead pressure game will come off of b2. It has massive range. You can link it into db1 for an overhead followed quickly by a low launcher for a 21/22% meterless combo or a 35% combo using 1 bar. db1 is unsafe vs certain punishes so throw in a b2 dd3 a bit more with this. Again, you can dash out afterwards looking for a punish or you can explode using 1 bar of meter but sending the opponent to full screen and dealing 8% damage.

Ending strings with 223 allows for a possibly ambiguous crossup attempt with JI3. This can lead into another full combo. You can use ji3, 22 (44%) or ji3 b12 (41%). You can also dash forward off of both enders (be careful of wakeup attacks) and go in for a throw. Time your throw before the opponent rises from the ground and you can easily get one.


This is where the f13 string comes into play. This string is a mid following by an overhead that is +2 on block. You can use any of the midscreen combos here with the addition of the f13 string. Mix up with b12, b2, f13, and throws for corner pressure. This strategy was posted by Tom Brady correcting himself from the Injustice guide.

"His F+13 string is adv on block. In the corner you can use this string and the opponent must block a D+1~DB1 0r D+1~DF1. F+13 ends with an overhead launcher that can be interrupted in between with a parry or armor. You can use F+1~DB1 as a low option mix up and this cannot be interrupted. However, F+13 and F+1~DB1 can be fuzzy guarded every time once your opponent gets used to it. When this happens use F+13 and F+1, then B+12 and this beats the fuzzy guard."


Aquaman isn't the best zoner in the game but he can handle himself. Trident throw (bf2) trades well with aerial projectiles causing a knockdown and doing 11% damage. From The Deep (db2) is his main zoning tool. It can punish some projectiles on block and can be MB into a 20% combo. (db2 MB, db2). You can hit this while opponents dash in or as they land from jumping also.


Hope this helps people learn Aquaman a bit better. I've read people say he's a "beginner" character but I don't think that's true at all. He can be played at a high level with some advanced tools. You can't edit posts after an hour so I'll post if any new tech is found or if I forgot something. I can answer questions as best as I can also.
GT: XiX FaTe XiX
Top UFC 2009 (135-9), 2010 (550-45), EA MMA (235-30) player - Camp: Team Gauntlet

User Info: Fate-

4 years ago#3
GT: XiX FaTe XiX
Top UFC 2009 (135-9), 2010 (550-45), EA MMA (235-30) player - Camp: Team Gauntlet

User Info: abyss

4 years ago#4
A couple of things:

I believe that Lex can also punish DF1 with his Charge attack. I also think Superman can punish with his Super instead of the string.

(Also, a question I'm not sure about: Does push blocking actually cancel the attack? Can you push block the Trident jabs and punish?)

One thing that I think is important about his zoning game is that both of his ranged attacks knock down on hit, which gives Aquaman a lot of control over the match. If you think he's got the advantage you can continue zoning, or if you trade with another zoner you can use the knockdown to get close.

User Info: Fate-

4 years ago#5
I don't believe Lex can punish df1 with charge but I will check for sure later on in the morning. You're right about Superman punishing with his super.

You can push block the trident stabs (even MB) after the fourth one I believe. It doesn't allow a punish but it pushes Aquaman to about mid screen, creating space. If that's not what you meant, lemme know. I may have misunderstood the question.
GT: XiX FaTe XiX
Top UFC 2009 (135-9), 2010 (550-45), EA MMA (235-30) player - Camp: Team Gauntlet

User Info: ZexxCrine

4 years ago#6
It's like you think aqua man is a hard charactor to learn. If anyone needs a guide, it's harly.

User Info: Maverickneo

4 years ago#7
We need more of these...

User Info: Pinkie_Pie

4 years ago#8
Aquaman Guide:
#1: Use Trait
#2: Refer to step one.

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User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
4 years ago#9
I found the main combos on tym, but this is a handy guide that is nicely written :) we need more of these tidbit guides :) a bunch of these consolidated would make for an awesome sticky topic.
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User Info: sithgod513

4 years ago#10
I main aquaman and know all this info already, but its nice to have a good guide up for him, sticky requested.
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