Annoying lag issues why?

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User Info: blademan08

4 years ago#1
I don't know how this keeps happening, but I am just unable to win my fights easily anymore due to the lag online. It's so annoying that I literally can't block a pressure combo the moment I get up. I'm even holding the back button and I still get caught from a mid attack while getting up. It wasn't this bad a few days ago, and I was beginning to suspect it was due to other players' bad connections. But now I don't even know anymore.

What does it take to get the best connection just to be on par with those wild fighters who can NEVER drop their combos or are able to always strike first? Does anyone know if I need a better modem or a recommended wireless service?

User Info: dracoguard

4 years ago#2
I think this game's netcode is just a hit and miss. In a laggy environment a faster character can just throw out more raw attacks than a slower character while you being on the defensive tend to be at a much bigger disadvantage than you normally would. It's just one of the things you put up with online.

As far as your connection though, for games it's mostly about latency. Going wired may help a bit more depending on your environment, how much I'm not sure. In my experience a new modem really won't do a whole lot for you as I find it's way better to just throw that modem in bridge mode and run it through a good router that has priority handling or a game mode in the settings. A good router should just be a standard investment if you play online games IMO.
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