Is there anyone over the age of 20 that's truly mad that Scorpion is DLC?

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  3. Is there anyone over the age of 20 that's truly mad that Scorpion is DLC?

User Info: UltiMysterio

4 years ago#1
I've been on this site for 10 years give or take, and I've never seen so many people whine and complain. People who are upset that they bought the season pass, you aren't losing any money. The deal was 4 characters for the price of 3, so if you choose not to download Scorpion but you get the rest of them did you lose money? No you still got 3 for the price of 3 PLUS a skins pack.

I can't believe people get this torn up over something that's included as EXTRA content. It's a BONUS. If it really bothers you, you don't have to download Scorpion or his compatibility pack and he'll never show up in your game.

Nobody RAGED when they announced Freddy for MK 9. No one was PISSED when Yoda, Spawn, and Link showed up in Soul Calibur. I can understand if Scorpion was the ONLY DLC announced for the game but geez 4 DLC characters with the possibility of more, and people still complain? Damn, I guess people now a days just aren't happy with what they get, and some how feel they are entitled to more.

User Info: redechidna16

4 years ago#2
I'm 24, I grew up playing MK and MK2 in arcades. Scorpion has been my homeboy since I was about 7 years old. I couldn't be happier with his inclusion and will probably drop Flash to play as him. P.s. I thought Freddy was a really weird choice but wasn't as butthurt these people are about Scorpion. I was just expecting Frost to be the 4th DLC character
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User Info: ThirtyThr33

4 years ago#3
People raged against Freddy, turn off your blinders sir. I think Scorpion is a poor, uninspired decision for this game and I just won't be downloading him.
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User Info: flash_ude

4 years ago#4
I'm 29 and played the OG MK in the arcades. Scorpion is a great character, but he's not a DC character. Wasted slot, only gonna get him because I already payed for the season pass.

User Info: Poopcorn13

4 years ago#5
Idk, man. Some people really take it personal when something doesn't go their way in fanservice game like Injustice or MvC. I guess I'm used to it based on my experience with Nintendo fans and the Smash Bros. series.
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User Info: UltiMysterio

4 years ago#6
There's a difference between Raging and not accepting. Once Freddy was released for download everyone's story changed.

User Info: ZentetsukenVII

4 years ago#7
Freddy was a great addition, and a unique one at that. I loved NRS choice for adding him into the game. If anything, only disappointed Jason didn't make the cut (no pun intended).

User Info: WolfReturns

4 years ago#8
I'm 43.

I'm annoyed Scorpion is in. No one is raging. No one is rioting. We're using an Internet forum to voice our displeasure.

Really difficult to argue with the pro-Scorpion people, I've noticed.

It's not Scorpion's presence that is the problem, understand.

It's the omission of dozens of better fighting candidates from among DC's vast roster that is the issue.

And, yes, his presence is taking up one of those slots. Scorpion has been in about 9 other fighting games. He'll be in the next MK, too. Enough already. We get it.
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User Info: DatPristineMFer

4 years ago#9
People act like devs throwing in a character from another franchise under them is something particularly new.

User Info: Doukou

4 years ago#10
People should understand that most people on this site are just siting on a chair with a placid face typing with caps.
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  3. Is there anyone over the age of 20 that's truly mad that Scorpion is DLC?

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