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User Info: yoshiyo187

5 years ago#1

User Info: AvatarOfBagan

5 years ago#2
That was fun, Solomon Grundy looks especially fun with his grapple moveset.
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User Info: Stefan1277

5 years ago#3
Harley Quinn makes me so sad. She looks like an alt costume for Skarlett. They need new costume designers in there.

On a side note, the game looks pretty cool, honestly. I was hoping for it to be faster, but feels less stiff than MK 9. I heard no dialogues or taunts though, I don't like that in fighting games, it reduced the personality of the characters.
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User Info: majorgalaxy

5 years ago#4
loved the part where the flash grab supermans head and smashed it against the car twenty times in 4 seconds
The first was mike haggar

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