Game is up for reals

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User Info: Wolf Kage

Wolf Kage
4 years ago#1
Search for it on PSN.

Comes with bonus content and is 7.9GB

Price $49.99

User Info: silverdraconum

4 years ago#2

User Info: Gigandas

4 years ago#3
I'm going to check, but I'm very skeptical about just how early this is.
SSBB: 2148-7903-0278

User Info: silverdraconum

4 years ago#4
No wait... there it is. I retract my liar statement. *goes to download*

User Info: gszero_1

4 years ago#5
143 minutes remaining. If you can all just wait please until I'm done before downloading, that would be swell! =)
PSN: fivefatninjas

User Info: Redblaze27

4 years ago#6
crud.. I don't have that much...
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User Info: SephirothSama

4 years ago#7
Odd, it says for me it's 8.6gb. Either way, it doesn't seem to be working. I got en error on confirm purchase and now it just says I can dl the game, only the dl won't initiate. *sighs*
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User Info: Daniel_Maku

4 years ago#8
I just checked. There's a bundle that comes with the Nobunyaga CAW parts. :3

User Info: Gigandas

4 years ago#9
Sweet, thanks for the heads up, Wolf!
SSBB: 2148-7903-0278

User Info: GanZhi

4 years ago#10
It is indeed up. ^^ downloading it now.

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