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User Info: Apac4245

4 years ago#1
Is there online co-op?

I love the lego games and they are even more fun (and silly) when playing with a friend. The only problem is that some games there is online co-op and in others there is not. Random and weird I know, but my friend and I bought lego star wars 3 expecting to be able to play online with each other (like we could with Lego Star Wars the complete saga) and we discovered we could only play locally.

I can't seem to get a definitive answer about this from any of the previews or anything so any info someone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


User Info: Merc123

4 years ago#2
I am pretty sure it does not. Wasn't the complete saga the only lego game that had online co-op? I think it was. - Marauder Shields Facebook page.

User Info: FFAlucard

4 years ago#3
Yes, unfortunately Star Wars: The Complete Saga was the only one to have online co-op. I wish all of them had it, but it needed some work anyways, as the connection seemed to drop quite a bit. At least with me and my friend anyways...

User Info: MightyKerminatr

4 years ago#4
Actually, the first Lego Harry Potter game did eventually get a patch that allowed online co-op as well.

I do wonder why they don't have it on the other games. I don't have anyone to play with in person as of now. I wonder if they've ever stated why they removed the online co-op from these games.
XBL GT: MightyKerminatr

User Info: CyricZ

4 years ago#5
Quite simply, no one ever used it, so they didn't bother working it into their newer games.

Same deal with stage creation. They brought that in, nobody really cared much, and it wasn't worth it trying to keep any servers going.
CyricZ - Sad, I know. D:

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