Locations of Keys and Cranks

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User Info: Wolfe_CH

4 years ago#1
This isn't all of them, but here are a few locations for the keys and cranks.

* Weathertop. A dig spot in the swamp west of Weathertop. Along the northern edge of the swamp.

* Minas Tirith/Osgiliath. Furthest point south of Osgiliath on the west bank. Needs a crank (nearby - see below) to get it.

* Osgiliath. Fish on the east side of the river.

* Shelob's Lair. Drop down from Shelob's lair, blow up the silver blocks and dig.

* Weathertop. Fish northeast of Weathertop.

* Amon Hen. Fish the west side of the river.

* Isengard. Inside the Isengard ring. Dig left of the water sluice.

* Minas Tirith/Osgiliath. Furthest point south of Osgiliath on the west bank. Need rope.

While having an item nearby is always handy, you can actually fast-travel anywhere on the map, but you must carry the item AS FRODO. No other character will do; if you use the map to quickly transport yourself to another Map Stone, your character will default back into Frodo, and you'll lose the item.

- Chris

User Info: Wolfe_CH

4 years ago#2
Some tips on getting useful things early:

* Grab the Quest Finder Red Brick right after giving the Mithril Trowel; each time you come back to Bree a 10,000 point stud will be waiting in place of where the Red Brick was. There's an additional 22,000 points you can grab if you go around the back of the Prancing Pony as a small character and crawl up to grab the Mithril Brick.

* Tom Bombadil is a strength character (and has a trowel) and is available after The Black Rider level, but you'll have to go there during the day, and he costs 125,000 studs. He allows the earliest path to get to the Score x4 Red Brick (but you'll still need 1,000,000 studs to be able to buy the brick after you've gotten the Mithril Fishing Rod in Tracks Hobbits Freeplay).

* Get the Mithril Cluster Bow (4 mithril) during the Pass of Caradhras level. Allows other characters to shoot arrows; and will destroy many objects with one shot.

* After you have Gimli, Freeplay the Prologue level to enter the cave and get the Mithril Shockwave Axe (4 mithril). Allows others to break Gimli's cracked blocks.

* You can now get the Mithril Spring Boots (high jump like Legolas), but they're of limited use, IMO, and cost 16 mithril.

* During the battle in the Amon Hen level, get the Mithril Rope (3 mithril). Allows other characters to use rope like Sam.

* During the Taming Gollum level, you get a Fishing Rod. Allows you to fish piers like Merry and Gollum.

* If you want the Attract Studs Red Brick, you can now Freeplay the Taming Gollum level again, but it costs 100,000 studs, which can better be put toward the score multipliers.

* After Taming Gollum, the Aragorn half of the missions becomes available, so you can play Track Hobbits instead of continuing with Frodo and Sam in the Dead Marshes.

* Freeplaying the Track Hobbits level yields the Mithril Fishing Rod (3 mithril - but you'll need a Strength character like Tom Bombadil, Lurtz, or Uruk-hai; or the Mithril Boxing Gloves (Osgiliath level)) to get it.

* Once you have the Mithril Fishing Rod, you can go to the west bank of Amon Hen to get the Score x4 Red Brick, but you'll need 1,000,000 studs to buy it.

* Because the Studs x2 and Studs x6 require explosives to get (either Mithril Fireworks - at Black Gate in open world, or Berserker - inside Helm's Deep at night, which requires you to finish the storyline first), Studs x4 is the easiest score multiplier to get. Studs x8 (Paths of the Dead) and x10 (Secret Stair) are easy enough to get, but are prohibitively expensive if you don't already have a score multiplier, so don't spend studs on extraneous items like useless characters or Red Bricks like Poo Studs.

* You can only stick with Aragorn's group through Helm's Deep, then you're forced to play the Dead Marshes, where you pick up a Wooden Bucket.

* The Mithril Boxing Gloves (4 mithril) can be found in the Osgiliath level. Non-strength characters can pull orange handles with these. The Mithril Boxing Gloves can be given for the Mithril Brick Finder in Bree, but not until you have explosives.

- Chris

User Info: Darth_Mark38

4 years ago#3
Good work!
XBL GT: Mark88880
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