This game being announced is proof...

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User Info: joncoallstar

5 years ago#1
...that the video game industry, LA in particular is a joke. It WILL go down in flames if it keeps this up.

I'll keep it short but let me explain.

NO ONE asked for this game. Meanwhile, TONS of loyal fans have been clamoring for a new Battlefront, and a new Jedi Knight game for 10 years. Seriously...what the hell.....We TOLD them what we want and would gladly support and buy...yet they shovel this out for us? Tell me LA, how did TFU work out for ya? Let me answer that for ya. Not NEARLY as well as BF3 or JK3 would have worked out.

An entire generation (XBOX, PS3) and LA pumps out everything BUT what we asked for.

On a side note I am not saying this game will be bad, I don't know jack about it but the announcement.

User Info: Lone_Wolf65

5 years ago#2
Im gonna go ahead and disagree on that one....TFU was an awesome game...TFU 2 not so much...while I understand that people want a new BF3 lets be honest the ones on the hand helds were meh and if LA did roll a new one out and it wasn't as good as nostalgia makes the first 2 every one would yell and scream that LA sold out some how and ruined BF3, as far as the Jedi Knight and KOTOR requests I would love to see either of those but I think the story for Jedi Knight would be kind of hard to do because you start running into continuity issues with the books and such and KOTOR well I dont have an excuse for that other than they just released an MMO and that may be the route they chose to take with that series...

I'm not necessarily saying your wrong in that we've told LA what we want and they refuse to make it but I do think your wrong to aut0maticaly discount a new game as a horrible idea because its not one we have been asking for.

User Info: mensroom_leader

5 years ago#3
Making this case extends to the video game industry is rather pushing it and also contradictory. Look at the high-profle games showcased in E3. Compare how many of them are new IPs and how many are sequels or reboots.

User Info: Fenriswolf

5 years ago#4
God forbid Lucasarts making a fresh Star Wars game instead of rehashes of Battlefront and Jedi Knight

User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

5 years ago#5
I love the premise of a more mature Star Wars story, but they need to show off something unique. I don't care if it may be a trojan horse for the next gen, I'm just burnt out on cover shooters. Should have been an open world, semi-open instead of linear action.

User Info: Wedge110

5 years ago#6
All I want are updated versions of X-wing and Tie Fighter that can run on modern computers without forcing me to jump through 10,000 hoops to get running somewhat well.

User Info: bantha_fodder50

5 years ago#7
Aw, look at the entitled gamer! He's sooooo demanding! Here's the thing: I also would've loved another Battlefront or Jedi Knight. I was disappointed it wasn't either of those but im not going to immediately condemn 1313 because it's not what I want. That's a tad bit unfair.
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User Info: iceman505

5 years ago#8
No offense, but the Star Wars game franchise has the majority of the time been based off what is popular at the time. Sure, they may not always be up to snuff with the rest, but they're good in their own right 90 percent of the time. Though, you do have the odd Phantom Menace, Force Commander, and Clone Wars Republic Heroes dotting the landscape.

Hell, even 18 years later, Tie Fighter is still one of my favorite games ever. Dark Forces is also pretty kick ass for an old school FPS. Sure, it's literally a Doom clone, with Stormtroopers, but it's a damn good one. Basically, whether developed internally, or outsourced to a second party, Lucasarts has done good most of the time.

But oh god, The Phantom Menace. "Who you gonna murder next, mister? *shudders*
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User Info: SNES_64_DC_Xbox

5 years ago#10
Anyone else think that pretty much the ONLY great Star Wars game that actually HAD Jedi in it was Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2? I've never played KOTOR, but Force Unleashed was pretty bad -I mean, it had a great force system (tossing stormies everywhere was awesome) but a poor plot -several major holes- and very repetitive gameplay.

And yes, they need to make a new Jedi Knight (though it would probably be motion-control operated, and thus likely suckish) Battlefront 3 (which, if made right -with ground to sky to space battles- would be potentially THE greatest multiplayer game and make billions of dollars) -and don't forget about the need for a Republic Commando 2!
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  3. This game being announced is proof...

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