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User Info: specialkid8

4 years ago#11
The Force Unleashed WAS GOOD. Don't mistake nostalgia for quality. Old isn't necessarily better and new isn't necessarily bad.

User Info: Revival125

4 years ago#12
The First Force Unleashed was fine. But the 2nd was an abomination and the facts are that Battlefront WOULD just be a better game.

User Info: specialkid8

4 years ago#13
specialkid8 posted...
^So that means all future games in the series have to follow suit? The first one was amazing.

User Info: T-Wrexx

4 years ago#14
BF3 is all I want. There has to be something in the works, because it's odd all of a sudden to hear about how far along it was. Think maybe they're trolling to see if the interest is still there? Maybe next gen systems?
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User Info: T-Wrexx

4 years ago#15
But this game looks good too.
X-Box LIVE Gamertag: Rexx
Holding out till I pay Battlefront 3!!!

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