first impression of the new trailer... RIP Castlevania-franchise :(

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  3. first impression of the new trailer... RIP Castlevania-franchise :(

User Info: R_Fated_Circle

4 years ago#31
trailer looks awesome to me, Castlevania has changed many times throughout the years from 2d to 3d to hardcore side scrollers to metrovanias and multiplayer games like harmony of despair and the only one i ever truly hated was Castlevania Judgement
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#32
TC, don't pull a DmC and decide the game isn't good just yet. I mean, all we have to judge the game on so far is the end scene from the first game. Anything could happen, really. The game might take place in the past, and the modern stuff is only in cutscenes, or the modern stuff might still be old gothic cathedrals, or the characters could leave the city and spend the game in some ancient ruins or whatever. There's no telling where the game will take place or how it will play out, so until we see some actual gameplay footage, don't pass judgement just yet.

Of course, my hopes could be misplaced and we end up playing GTA IV - Vampire Edition, but again, we have to wait and see. But from the more recent trailers, it seems as if at least some of the game takes place closer to the first game's era than today's, and it mihgt jump back and forth too. Who knows?

User Info: The_Djoker

4 years ago#33
Yeah RIP CV. LoS sold more than ANY CV game to date. Jesus some people are dumb as hell.

This is whats wrong with this pathetic CV fanbase. How about you go back to playing and loving the the great 2D games and stop worrying about how the 3D games will turn out?

Bottom line is the 3D games in general have been lackluster. LoS had flaws but was good and Los2 will no doubt improve upon it. This game has no bearing on how the franchise does in the 2D universe though I suspect we will definitely get another 2D sprite CV game sometime in the future from the JPN CV team.

My point is it doesn't how this game turns out. Noone should have any great or bad expectations of it. The 3D series has been reboot. It's NOTHING like DmC. DMC had a huge following and 2 incredible genre defining games. Most previous CV 3D games were pretty awful and terrible. Until LoS.

User Info: MaverikGuyver

4 years ago#34
No offence but you people have lost your minds if you think this game will have us fighting modern day gangsters in the streets.

I think the game may be split between flashbacks of Dracula coming to power in the past while either regaining said power in the present (in a Gothic scene) or (and more hopefully) the present day Dracula will be used purely as a narration tool for the memories of his original rise to power.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#35
The_Djoker posted...
Jesus some people are dumb as hell.

Chill out, bro. He's upset that the series is going modern, not that LoS is a 3D reboot. Take a pill and relax.

User Info: I_am_always_me

4 years ago#36
Just watched the trailer. As someone who loves the old Castlevanias, this looks amazing, I do wish we could get another Metroidvania game, there just aren't enough of them. However, this looks awesome.
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User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#37
I_am_always_me posted...
...I do wish we could get another Metroidvania game, there just aren't enough of them.

...have you played a single Castlevania game since Symphony of the Night?

User Info: godfist79

4 years ago#38
God how I love Gamefaqs boards. There are few places where you can spend a day reading about something that only has a short trailer getting ripped on.

Fact is LoS was a really good game (imo). Didn't feel at all like a Castlevania game until you reached the castle itself and that was only a few levels. We all played it (at least I would assume we did seeing as we are talking about the sequel) and the majority of us really dug the new take on it. Personally I loved the epilogue and was worried that with the game not being that well bought (I was the only person I know who did, wonder how many of you had the same experience) that it would just end there.

I'm keeping an open mind. It could be great, polishing the little things that irritated about LoS and expanding on the mythology of Castlevania as a whole. Then again it could be terrible. We won't know till we play the bloody thing.

The modern setting opens up new possibilities for the new consoles coming out. Maybe Drac gets his powers back fully by the end of the game and ends up running the generic city he is in in the present. This could open up a new trilogy where the "last" of the Belmont clan has to dust off the old whip and kick his ass.

I know it's hard when it's more fun to complain and moan like little school girls but at least wait till it hits the shelves before stating that Castlevania RIP and all that over the top, attention seeking rubbish.
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