PS3 Need Friends

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User Info: Pats27fan

4 years ago#1
I dont have any friends that have this game, and single player is getting boring. Whoever wants some competition, please give my your tag. Mine is Pats27fan. Lets do this!

User Info: BossHogginIt

4 years ago#2
my psn name is BigMunch, add me
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2, Need For Speed Most Wanted & Pokemon Black/White 2

User Info: Heavy_D_Forever

4 years ago#3
I need some more people for my Autolog as well.

PSN ID - BabyD253
Heavy D will never die!

User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#4
psn-kish1975 ----------xbox live-godslayer1975

User Info: iiicon

4 years ago#5

Adding some people in here. My Autolog is bare!
When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set Bidoof on fire.

User Info: Tussock

4 years ago#6
PSN: Tussock

User Info: smithte1994

4 years ago#7
smithte1994 out of all sixteen or so of my friends no one plays NFS

User Info: Singuensai

4 years ago#8
me too. PSN in sig
PSN: Singuensai
"Saving lives, one account at a time": WoW hackers motto

User Info: jasomramirez666

4 years ago#9
Add me.


User Info: Fihar

4 years ago#10
No one in my friend list is playing this game.
Feel free to add me as well

PSN ID: morningglories

Make sure to mention Most Wanted though.
And at once I knew, I was not magnificent

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