PS3 Need Friends

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User Info: joshua22b

4 years ago#91
PSN: JoshBT91

User Info: BlurryMoon13

4 years ago#92
Looking for some friends to make my speed wall more interesting, as well as play online with
PSN: BlurredMoon

User Info: Hesterien

4 years ago#93
PSN: Hesterien

Add away for NFS Games. :)

User Info: rafal-RPS

4 years ago#94
Add me but prefer if you have a headset so I can actually talk during online game
PSN; rafalskipfk

User Info: seras-s

4 years ago#95
I'm in need of some friends that play this game also.

Add me: seras-s

User Info: Warhawk

4 years ago#96
Anyone can add me if they want to, though I don't know how much longer I'll be borrowing the game from a friend. My PSN name is in my profile here.
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User Info: jqh97116

4 years ago#97

If anyone is still playing please add me! We can have some good times lol. Getting the game within the next week or so.
[R3D] psn: joe_mgs
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User Info: artian2k1

4 years ago#98
Also looking for friends.

PSN: Keomii
Eintracht Frankfurt

User Info: Pitt34

4 years ago#99
nccrusher34. Add me

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