How do you drift in this game?

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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#1
How do you drift in this game? - Results (46 votes)
by holding Brake while turning
39.13% (18 votes)
by holding E-brake while turning
15.22% (7 votes)
by releasing the Gas for a second, stepping on it again while turning
23.91% (11 votes)
others (please specify)
21.74% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: MadDogV2

4 years ago#2
You're supposed to tap the brake to initiate the drift then continue normally, maybe using the throttle and some additional braking to adjust.
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User Info: rafal-RPS

4 years ago#3
To initiate a drift In this game you have to get enough speed first depending on how sharp the turn in and then tap the brake (sometimes you have to tap the E-brake, depending on the car's handling etc but don't hold it too long cause your gonna spin out) just before the turn, then keep the drift going by using the throttle.
This takes some time to get it right so just keep practicing.
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User Info: Cornerer

4 years ago#4
Best topic ever :)

I don't really use 3rd option cuz I always found myself losing too much speed during the drift initiation process.
For high-speed corners I just "touch" the brake while turning to initiate the drift, not even releasing the gas.
For mid-speed and weirdly shaped corners again I "touch" the brake to drift first, but then I press on the brake the 2nd time to lose speed quickly and get a quick change in the direction the car's pointing to. How long I press on the brake in 2nd time depends on the shape and how fast I can tackle that corner. However sometimes I'll use the handbrake instead if space doesn't allow the above methods (e.g. 90deg corners right after u exit the highway).
For slow corners I just use the handbrake.
1 exception to me is the 2 Veyrons. No matter how hard I try changing the brake patterns both still refuse to turn as much as I desired. Need even just a slight reduction of speed in the coming corner? E-brake all the way.

I actually think brake+handbrake method's even more effective than E-brake alone but the response is too sensitive, still practising and trying to get a hang of it.

Would love to see if any others have thought of some better drifting methods.

User Info: WiiFreak1135

4 years ago#5
I never stick with just one method. I change it up depending on the car and the turn I'm trying to make. Generally, for shallow corners, just a tap of the brake will do. For tighter corners, I'll either hold the brake for longer to get the car slowed down before drifting, or I'll just E-brake to get the back end out and then hammer the gas. Again though, it largely depends on what car I'm driving and its handling.

User Info: Tris37

4 years ago#6
Tap brake without releasing throttle to initiate the drift. Then adjust as needed with a bit more brake. For 90 degree turns I try to drift into it then hit the handbrake to flick it round. Not always the prettiest way but fun.

Drifting is my favourite thing in a racing game. The Viper and Egoist are immense for it once you get the hang of it.
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User Info: GasmanOAV

4 years ago#7
I usually hit the brake and then the gas. Sometimes I will use the e-brake or just let off the gas. It all depends on how fast the car is and how easily it drifts. Some cars you have to throw into the corner and others you only need to let off the gas for a second. The BMW M3 isn't very fast and is very hard to drift.
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User Info: K2000kidd

4 years ago#8
I use 25% brake trigger and 75% throttle,
cut the wheel about halfway and let her rip.
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User Info: ChrUgo

4 years ago#9
It all depends on the corner's bend, my traveling speed, and the car.
With heavier cars, I have to let off the throttle, tap the e-brake, then floor it.
Usually, though, throttle at 25% and I tap the e-brake.
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4 years ago#10
When I played this game.. I drifted the same way as in Burnout Paradise.. Tapping the brakes.

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