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User Info: Darkjutsu3

4 years ago#1
How does one willingly takedown traffic? Every time I do its on accident but, 90% of the time I usually get totaled.
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User Info: Cornerer

4 years ago#2
Not trying to be picky but I think "Traffic Takedown" and "Takedown Traffic" are not quite the same thing. Did u mean "taking down a police or racer by making them crash into traffic" ?

User Info: GasmanOAV

4 years ago#3
"Traffic Takedown" is when a cop crashes into traffic and gets totaled, usually with your help or while pursuing you.

I like to let them get half way up beside me and then push them sideways into traffic or an obstruction. Good fun.

The cops are easy to out brake so they end up in front of you. Then you can slam them into the guardrails.
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User Info: K2000kidd

4 years ago#4
hitting a racer or a cop at speed is a takedown
hitting a random civilian traffic car is a crash
If the game allowed us to snow plow through traffic
that wouldn't be much of a Challenge would it
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User Info: Darkjutsu3

4 years ago#5
"traffic takedown" yes. There were times where Ill crash into a civillian car and instead of me being totaled they get wrecked.
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