The game is out at Gamestop.

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User Info: Samurai12345

5 years ago#1
I thought about picking it up right away, but $40 is kinda expensive for the game without online play or more sports games.

User Info: INFERNO1092000

5 years ago#2
I got mine today. its awesome! lots of content ie. skiing has 3 areas with 3 different trail types with 2 parts or the full run. golf has 3 nine hole is really fun especially when you pull you arm back and the move vibrates and you blast the ball and it goes into flames. all in all a lot of content for 40 bucks. plus its in 3d as well.
I love my vita.

User Info: GEL

5 years ago#3
Thanks for the tip-off! I was JUST checking to make sure it didn't get delayed (as most of the games I want usually are...) so this is exciting news for me! Time to put on some pants and get to GameStop! I WANTS ME SOME BOXINGS!!!
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  3. The game is out at Gamestop.

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