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User Info: jeffb01

5 years ago#1
I picked this one up and am totally loving it. I loved the first one, didn't care for medieval moves (too repetitive) and love this one. The fight lights out was decent. At this point, I've decided motion control is good for 3 things: light gun games, dancing games, and sports mini games.

I've played a bit of each sport - still on the bronze cup so nothing too hard. I used two move controllers for boxing, skiing, and archery.

skiing - really fun and pretty original as I can't think of any equivalent from sc1.
tennis - most similar to ping pong from sc1. again really fun.
boxing - this was the hardest sport. It's a work out and you have to be fast to block. much simpler and more accessible than "the fight lights out", which overall is a good thing.
bowling - again, a lot of fun. controls much like bocce in sc1...
golf - excellent. I've tried other golf motion games like TW but this one really has the controls down.
archery - supposedly they revamped it, but seemed pretty much the same as sc1 from what I recall... still a lot of fun.

overall, there is a lot of customization and unlockables (outfits, equipment, etc). I'm not too sure how to unlock stuff but I assume it's just game progress. All the games have good controls that are simple and accessible but not too dumbed down. big thumbs up.

User Info: GEL

5 years ago#2
Haven't gotten too far in yet but thus far I am disappointed by the simplified controls. Makes it feel less accurate and 1:1 than the original. I get WHY they did it, most people are too stupid to comprehend motion controls and thus whine about how their flaccid punches and swings result in flaccid on-screen actions but it's still disappointing.

Thus far my biggest issue is it sometimes causes my off-hand to punch when I don't mean it to because once the controller crosses some invisible punch-line it shoots out at the opponent. So I also feel like I'm in less control.

HOWEVER! Custom characters help the game a lot even though the customization is basic and the outfits are limited it seems. Why? Because it means more computer opponents! I've barely started and I've seen some very intriguing random characters show up so it's not the same handful of characters every time. THAT is nice even if the customs don't look as good as the characters from the first game.

The fact that they let you make multiple customs? Also a plus. I'm a custom character addict. However I can't yet find a way to tell the computer to play as one of your own customs.

So thus far? Second best Move game. The first Sports Champions is still the best, but this comes close.

User Info: Justice98405

5 years ago#3
In bowling, how much spin can you put on the ball? When I bowl in real life, I like to put TONS of spin on the ball, and try to hook it from the near middle all the way to the left edge, and then try to whip it around back into the middle for a strike. That requires a lot of spin/torque from your wrist. Does the Move for this game allow that?
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User Info: jeffb01

5 years ago#4
yes, you can put a lot of spin on the ball...

User Info: drclaeys

5 years ago#5

Thank you for a nice review. and thought out.

I think the wii is better at this type of game, but ps3 is catching up. I dont want 2 game consoles, so im glad ps3 added this feature.

We also spend alot of time with get Fit with Mel b. That was kinda fun. of course my wife MADE me do it. which takes the fun out of anything.

again, Thank you.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.

User Info: pedro45

5 years ago#6
the only reason why wii may be better is cause the whole system was built around motion games and can't be too intensive.

i personally think when you try these games (speaking about number 1 cause haven't tried 2 yet), you'll realize this is what wii only dreamed about but forgot after a minute of waking up. i literally tripped out when i first tried ping pong cause it matched my motions so well.

anyways, how's this fair up to sorcery? some people seemed to have forgotten that game and i've been playing it recently and have been loving it. i think it truly is the best move game whereas sports champions slightly tops it in functionality; you can really see the 1:1 in S.C. and in sorcery, it's there, just not quite as noticeable since you move so much. Your guy's arm though moves just like yours.
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User Info: GEL

5 years ago#7
Yeah the's only "the best" at this type of game because of blind public opinion. There is absolutely no way you could say the Wii is better at motion control than the Move. Despite building the whole system around motion control, Nintendo designed their controllers VERY poorly and they just do not work well. At all. Even with the Motion Plus. (and this is coming from a long-time Nintendo fanboy who hates Sony. where credit is due.)

Now, as for SC2 vs Sorcery? Well that's a tricky one. Sorcery is pretty darn awesome and it's great because it's a full game. But I didn't feel the wand was the best use of the Move. Oh it did some impressive things, but...well maybe it's just personal opinion. I like that whole 1:1 melee combat thing, so Gladiator Duel and Boxing are right up my alley. Dunno quite how to compare 'em.

Spent some more time with SC2 though and it has both impressed and disappointed me.

Skiing may not be the fanciest use of motion control but it works well and is crazy fun! Having the Excite Bike-style jump/boost thing adds a lot too it and I like that you can jump off of anything and do that and not just specially designated jumps like most similar games. My biggest complaint is the fact that I can't put the poles in the ground whenever I want to.

Archery is nearly identical. So it's GOOD but wow does it feel like filler.

Bowling...well I'm not enough of a bowling nut to be able to tell how good it is. Thus far seemed identical to Crazy Strike Bowling, though I could (and probably am) wrong. I mean I dunno anything about putting spin on the ball and THAT is the big area that needs to be looked at.

Tennis sucks. It's basically like the volleyball from the first one. really hard really fast! XD Silver Cup is MEAN and requires you to be on top of your game. I LIKE THIS. However I dislike that I can't move my right hand to my left shoulder, so I can't back-hand people and sometimes my left glove has difficulty lowering properly. Makes it hard to block low attacks.

Golf? It's some nice golf. I like how it shows how your club is rotated below the power meter.

So, with the arm measuring removed these games rely more on putting the controller on a "rail" of sorts and expecting players to do a certain motion resulting in something closer to Wii Sports Resort much of the time (meaning it's more based on tilt than position and the controller can be "tricked" to a small degree). However this works well for most of these games. There's no real reason to get crazy with golf club positioning, it has no effect on Archery, and Skiing doesn't use it in any sort of super specific way either. Tennis is awful, Boxing is hurt but not too badly, and I can't tell how much of an effect this has on Bowling.

But this also clears up some of why the old sports don't return. Disc Golf, Table Tennis, and Gladiator Duel would either not work or be significantly hampered by these changes. Not sure about Bocce though and no one cares about the Volleyball though that probably would have worked.

User Info: pedro45

5 years ago#8
i don't get the hate for volleyball. i thought that game was fun as hell.

bumping, setting, spiking, etc. was a blast. then again, i love volleyball in real life. i think they should add badminton :D
Warning: Sometimes biased
PlayStation Network ID: Joshisposer

User Info: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons
5 years ago#9
I liked the volleyball from the first one.

I do play tennis and, well its not quite the tennis feel here. To be honest I would only expect a certain level of this anyways, seeing that its a motion game. Not sure if its just ping pong where you player moves to their positions for you (although you can move them yourself). Tennis is as much about the footwork, and getting to where the ball is going. Sometimes the shots come off the racket as I would expect, and other times its a little too random.

Boxing seems cool. Skiing is different and I hope ore varied later on. Bowling I got a 189 first try which I;m not a fan of...I wanted it more finicky and hard. Archery was a fun game in the last one, but as a repeat...hey its a repeat and really should have something new in its place IMO. Golf could be OK.

Characters in general look like a step backwards. Yes you can customize some, but they could have held the line on quality at the past levels at least.
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