Tennis worth it?

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User Info: Shloo

5 years ago#1
In SC1, i played ping pong non-stop. It is fantastic.

In the SC2 demo, I like tennis, it feels good but it was just to dang easy. I think it might be more fun on a harder difficulty but I am not sure.

Is tennis any good? Or is it super easy like volleyball was?

User Info: Croatian_Mutant

5 years ago#2
Bronze and silver are breeze, gold is harder but quickly passable with a bit of practice. While Championship level does give you plenty of challenge. So yes if you are willing to go through all levels, bronze is a kid's play compared to the Championship level. I have only been playing it for one day, so at this point it's hard to say if it will have the same long-lasting appeal as table tennis. Overall it is a tad bit easier, since points usually don't last as long as in table tennis, but it still quite challenging.

User Info: Croatian_Mutant

5 years ago#3
And yes, out of all 6 games, I found tennis most fun. But on the other hand, skiing is terrible. Total arcadey nonsense.

User Info: GEL

5 years ago#4
If you liked Tennis in the demo you'll probably love it in the full game. I hate it myself, but I can confirm that the rise in difficulty is NOTICEABLE just based on how Boxing is going for me.

XD And on the flip side, I *LOVE* Skiing. The Excite Bike-esque jump/boost system MAKES that game! To each their own, indeed!

User Info: pedro45

5 years ago#5
tennis is...not too great.

i think it might be my room brightness, but it doesn't pick up on my movements right. when i go for a backhand, it'll sometimes switch to a forehand during the back swing. idk how they did the motion capturing in this.
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User Info: Croatian_Mutant

5 years ago#6
GEL, I am just wondering are you playing skiing with one or two motion controllers?

pedro45, I didn't experience such problems with tennis. But after reading your post I tried experimenting to see what could cause such problems. I guess what you are probably doing is going all the way back with your move when going for a backhand (which is not a problem in itself), but you are not moving your body to the left to compensate. Basically to prevent this, try moving also to the left with your body when you are going for a backhand or to the right when going for a forehand. Imagine the camera drawing a direct line, splitting the room into two parts (left and right). Each part of the room is reserved for forehand or backhand. Hope this helps.

User Info: uesuva

5 years ago#7
I've had no troubles with tennis, it seems to follow my movements just fine; and I can easily pull off a top spin or lob with no issues (other then my actual tennis playing skills)

User Info: GEL

5 years ago#8
Two motion controllers...not even sure how it works with one. Gonna need to look into that.

User Info: scm60

5 years ago#9
Croatian_Mutant posted...
GEL, I am just wondering are you playing skiing with one or two motion controllers?.

You need two Move controllers per person on the skiing. I've tried with one and you just can't "steer" at all. That's why I bought 2 more and now have 4. Bought them used at Gamestop for $25 each. Worth it.
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User Info: TheTenth10

5 years ago#10
Really satisfied after two 3 set matches, I could see/feel the difference of flat/slice/lift and lob/smash work well too.
Movement is handled strangely, but going to the net is thrilling as it's not easy and you can get passed and you have to time right (quite different as when you're in the back line) your shots.
Only thing is as it's not an official ATP game you won't have the great tournaments.
I'm hoping EA can use the knowledge of Sony teams to make a real good game both fun and realist (grand slam 2 isn't that bad but net play is too powerful).
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