Tennis worth it?

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User Info: scm60

5 years ago#11
I finsihed the Bronze and Silver Tennis Challenges pretty easily but Gold is a whole 'nother story. It took me forever to get past the first opponent. You can't make any mistakes at all and his placement is always perfect. But sure enjoying all the games, both against the AI and playing with friends.
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

5 years ago#12
GEL posted...
If you liked Tennis in the demo you'll probably love it in the full game. I hate it myself, but I can confirm that the rise in difficulty is NOTICEABLE just based on how Boxing is going for me.

XD And on the flip side, I *LOVE* Skiing. The Excite Bike-esque jump/boost system MAKES that game! To each their own, indeed!

I just got it and i'm really lovign the Boxing so far. It's alot of fun. blew right through bronze (as expected) but the difficulty ramped up right away with silver. Not too bad but much tougher. Gold is goign to take a little practice

User Info: amiva

5 years ago#13
I just got Sports Champions 2 and I'd say tennis is so good that it justifies the purchase alone. The controls/motion are spot on and it seems like (other than boring bowling) it is the only one you can really get away with only having one move controller.

I also like boxing a lot, but I realize I am missing out by only having one Move.

Again, I found tennis so fun and responsive that I don't think I would ever go back and play tennis games with a regular controller like Virtua tennis or Top Spin.

User Info: gamermasterwiz

5 years ago#14
Definitely! if you love Table Tennis in SC1 then you'll love the tennis here especially if you liked it in the demo.

The only thing I find confusing at first is that the character does the moving for you. All you have to do is position the racket lolz
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User Info: RC Cruz me

RC Cruz me
5 years ago#15
I only played ping pong in the original Sports Champions lmao, I just like racket sports, I play tennis mainly irl. I didn't know there was a demo for tennis though, gotta check that out, since if I pick this up, tennis will probably be the only game I play lol, was really disappointed in Grand Slam Tennis 2. -

User Info: uesuva

5 years ago#16
It's pretty much just positioning the racket, but you can press and hold T to play the net for more aggressive play.

User Info: TarzanBoy

5 years ago#17
At the lower levels it is just positioning the racket. At the higher levels the AI will sometimes not allow you to score a point without proper placement of a return volley.

There are some times when I have made a proper return and the game has 'decided' that the hit was either out, or was too low to make it over the net. This, and a few other occasional glitches can make the tennis frustrating when you have to basically win 3 sets of best-of-4 in a row (gold boss match) playing against an A.I. that is noticeably tweaking the 'rules' to make the match last longer and make it 'feel' difficult.

Its not perfect, but it isn't completely horrible either.
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