Better than the original?

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User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#1
My arms still hurt thinking about the gladiator mode
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User Info: scm60

4 years ago#2
I think so. My favs on the first one was volleyball, gladiator and bocce ball. Archery was ok, couldn't get the hang of ping pong. On the new one I'm loving tennis and bowling. Boxing is a good workout (like gladiator was) and golf is fun. Archery and skiiing is just so-so. Overall, I think its better and well worth the money (even though I had to go and buy 2 more Move controllers if you want to take on a human opponent in boxing, archery or skiiing).
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User Info: BigTlovesBEER

4 years ago#3
Boxing is worth it alone. It's very fun.

User Info: gamermasterwiz

4 years ago#4
I played the demo of the original before getting this.

I just bought the full copy of sports champion 1 today and I think that I miss the characters that you get to play as or face against. Also I really liked table tennis, gladiator and volley ball in the original.

Overall, I actually think that Sports 2 is better. Has more customization and fun modes like Party. But the characters that you make are kind of ugly compared to Sports 1's pre-made ones.
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