Don't Play if you don't speak/read japanese

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User Info: JudeHavoc

4 years ago#11
O and I also was not prepared to wait for this game to come out in 2-3 years, I'd rather play it now lol

User Info: SieKensou

4 years ago#12
another reason is some of us want the original experience not misguided by faulty translations

ofc that may/may not require understanding jp
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User Info: KujasNo1Fan

4 years ago#13
As one of importers that don't speak/read japanese I would say: I only bought the original Xillia, because I thought there is not gonna be a NA version. So I bought the first game.

But, I bought the new one for the same motives I wanted to buy the Original Xillia, four motives being more specific:

First - Really liked the game presentation/concept/characters in overall.
Second - Because love Tales of games (I played all the not localized Tales games).
Third - Xillia gameplay looked really enjoyable.
Fourth - I'm learning Japanese.

I did a japanese language course last year, the course is the basic of japanese. I already know Hiragana/Katanka, some Kanjis. I already can read basic/hear phrases, still there some sentences, I need a dictionary to try to understand.

When I was about eight years old, I didn't know English, I started to learn playing Final Fantasy VII. Until then had only played Super Mario and other games with the simplest story. I remember when it happened that a certain event with Aerith that's was the first time I really wanted to know English to understand the story. And that's when I became interested in learning a language (Because of a game ... and the story continues lol).

Sincerely, there still many things I need to learn. But because of all the japanese games I already played and their many romanized names, I was able to know what I know today.

Of course, there is a lot o things in the game I didn't understand correctly, this becomes an impulse to delve more on language learning.

But that's my motive.

So I agree with Inoji, I think people play it because it is still enjoyable to them.

PS: Sorry about the blog.
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User Info: Rpgmonkey

4 years ago#14
I think it's odd to buy on day one if you have no idea what to do and what's going on, but it's neither my money nor my problem. If they think they can get through it that's fine by me.
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User Info: yunaleska

4 years ago#15
even if you don't understand the language and are curious about the general story or what's happening in certain events, it's easy to just ask here, there are quite a few of us here who can understand the language and can summarize it

so even if you're playing this game for the story, shouldn't be too big of a problem(although I guess it's a bit harder in this game since your choice to responses influence events)
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User Info: KenshinXs

4 years ago#16
I don't speak Japanese however I can pick up what is being said very easy. Names of Characters ect. With Xillia and most games they highlight critical words being said like Kresnick, Booster, Jin, ect so you know when you hear that word you understand what they are talking about. Most people know the simple words like, thank you, I'm sorry, and the like. Also, the visuals speak volumes as well. Most people who import knows these things and its enough to play the game and enjoy it.

User Info: Marioak

4 years ago#17
Don't Play if you don't speak/read japanese

That's is actually how you will miss a lot of good titles that never get a English version.

The more you play JP game the more you will learn the language. (If you paid the attention), I start playing JP game since I don't even know a single letters. Now I can read play and understand the story like 80% (As long as the Kanji don't get in the way lol)
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User Info: greenpoketeam

4 years ago#18
Oh look it's the troll
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User Info: VaanSkyLord30

4 years ago#19
lol at people taking this guy seriously.
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User Info: Milla_Maxwell

4 years ago#20
Sad to see a "Sage" going to this level of trolling.
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