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User Info: C3realkillah

4 years ago#1
When does this game come out in the US?

User Info: ManaHero365

4 years ago#2
Sometime late 2014...probably the around the same time as Xillia 1 came out hopefully.

User Info: talesofgraces18

4 years ago#3
IGN says quarter 1 2014 so if that's the case I'm would have to say March Like Graces F did the only reason I think this is because Tales of Symphonia Chronicles comes out On April First according to my friend who works at GameStop he printed out a list to show me what was coming out when but its Gamestop so who knows if they are right.

User Info: C3realkillah

4 years ago#4
Sweet I really hope we get it that early

User Info: talesofgraces18

4 years ago#5
C3realkillah posted...
Sweet I really hope we get it that early

Yeah me too I already own the jp version but sadly the kanji throws me off. that's why the English version will be a lot easer well at least I hope it is lol.

User Info: PeachSoda

4 years ago#6
I seriously doubt we'll be getting it early 2014, unless they've been localizing it for quite some time already.
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User Info: FourSwordsLink

4 years ago#7
You guys do know that IGN and Gamestop probably just have a placeholder date right? There's no freaking way they're releasing Symphonia Chronicles AND Xillia 2 around the same time period.
Expect Symphonia Chronicles in early 2014, with Xillia 2 late 2014.

User Info: MadDewg

4 years ago#8
Namco has definitely released tales of games in the west around the same time frame before (360 vesperia released august 8th while dawn of the new world released november 11th that same year). It isn't like the symphonia collection will require that much work, so I can see that and xillia 2 releasing sort of close if namco wanted to do that.
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User Info: ManaHero365

4 years ago#9
I doubt they are going to release it as early as Q1 because they want as much people as possible to buy Symphonia Chronicles before they release Xillia 2. Most likely more people will end up buying Xillia 2 and that wouldn't make sense to have both games released near the same time.

User Info: HolyLancer9

4 years ago#10
It is definitely not going to be early/Q1 2014 for this game. They've already said early 2014 for the ToS compilation, and there is no way they'd release two Tales games to compete with each other too close like that. Plus, I think releasing ToX2 immediately after the first game outside of Japan probably wouldn't go over well. Tales games already get kind of looked down upon for being too similar, so releasing two games that are almost literally identical right next to each other would't be a good idea (people weren't even super fond if it for Japan, either.)

Releasing ToS sandwiched in between is a good idea, because it gives people a break between the Xillia games. I really doubt we'll see Xillia 2 before this time next year...probably later would be a safer bet.
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