Starting on Impossible Mode

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User Info: cwalas15

4 years ago#1
So I am a Dead Space vet. With that said, would it be unwise to start the game on Impossible? Impossible mode in DS wasn't that bad. However, that was after I finished the game at least 2-3 times. Zealot mode on DS2 is personally the way I enjoy to play the game.

User Info: Hayabusa_san

4 years ago#2
I would say to start on Hard. I cleared DS2 on Zealot and I can tell you that enemies in this game are much faster and more agressive than their DS2 and 1 counterparts (and they typically show up in larger quantities right from the get go). You may want to do like I did and start on Hard to get a good feel for the small changes and then do a Zealot or Impossible run once you've got your bearings in place.
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User Info: strideur

4 years ago#3
If you enjoyed zealot, start on impossible. Once you figure out the weapons etc. hard is a joke. By chapter 6 on hard I had about 40 health packs and all the ammo in the world in my safe.

There's a learning curve for sure, but I had to restart because hard just wasn't...

User Info: arkff7

4 years ago#4
what weapons did you use? without the bonus weapons im having a hard time killing anything.

User Info: TheFallensoul

4 years ago#5
Rivet chaingun with underslung incendiary grenade launcher.
Makes things dead.
Well, deader, I guess.

User Info: strideur

4 years ago#6
Make stasis upgrades a priority and then weapons don't matter as much. I threw together what I could, but mostly used plasma cutter until I could put a decent shotgun together.

User Info: g0tek

4 years ago#7
Its funny this mode is called impossible, I am on chapter 7 at the moment and have run out of ammo and med kits once. I have plenty of different weapon options and quite a few rig upgrades already. Dead Space has always rained resources; but it is even more pronounced in this game.

The enemies are fast, aggressive, hit pretty hard and are bullet sponges but once you get a few good weapons you will be fine. I have noticed that on impossible set piece moments the obstacles always seem to one shot you as opposed to hard where it seems like you can take at least one hit from debris, mine, etc.

So far so good and I would suggest to anyone who is a dead space vet to start the game this way.
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