Classic Guns of choice?

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User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

4 years ago#11
I can see myself rocking the Force Gun and Pulse Rifle pretty much exclusively as they are closest to my two standard build guns in my other modes, the Shotgun/ForceGun and ChainGun/RocketLauncher.

I just bought the Contact Beam and am severely disappointed with the amount of ammo in the Ground Pounder. It also didn't work all that well as some enemies that were in the blast radius weren't affected by it.

User Info: Knucklehead211

4 years ago#12
BakusaiTenketsu posted...
I just bought the Contact Beam and am severely disappointed with the amount of ammo in the Ground Pounder. It also didn't work all that well as some enemies that were in the blast radius weren't affected by it.

Yeah, I put that on my evangelizer shotgun, and that seems to happen pretty often. Sad because I really like it when it works, especially with feeders.
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User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

4 years ago#13
So, I'll rank the guns that I've bought so far for Classic Mode.

Pulse Rifle > Force Gun > Seeker Rifle > Plasma Cutter > Javelin Gun > Contact Beam

Pulse Rifle:
[T]4x +2 Clip +2 Damage
[B]3x +2 Clip +2 Reload, 1x +2 Damage +2 Reload
Why: Rifle needs Ammo and Damage, no brainer. 6 Clip got me 4 Grenades, adding 2 more clip stayed at 4, so I went with Damage. Reload is necessary on all guns, especially in Classic I think.

Force Gun:
[T] 4x +2 Damage +2 Reload
[B] 4x +2 Damage +2 Rate of Fire
Why: The Force Gun needs Damage even more so in Classic, and you really need to bounce back and forth between knockback and focused hit on the tougher enemies. A couple wide knockbacks kills Feeders and weaker enemies no problem thanks to the Damage nodes. I feel like the Bottom Kinetic Projector tool needs Damage, Rate of Fire, AND Clip, but of the three, I am willing to sacrifice Clip since I can knockback with the top tool and quickly reload.

Seeker Rifle:
[T] 4x +2 Damage +2 Clip
Why: Without a bottom row of Circuits, you really just need to capitalize on this gun's strength, which is high damage. I haven't actually tested the Clip threshold for the difference between 6 Clip and 8 Clip, but if it's insignicant, I would probably take one Clip off and put it in Rate of Fire instead.

Plasma Cutter:
[T] 2x +2 Damage +2 Clip, 2x +2 Damage +2 Rate of Fire
[B] 4x +2 Reload (secondary doesn't matter)
Why: I was really hoping that the Bottom Circuits would help the gun as well, but only Reload works. Anything else you put in the bottom doesn't benefit the gun. The Plasma Cutter really needs Rate of Fire, Damage, and Clip help, and with no real secondary, the gun becomes weaker since you can't dedicate a lot to it's one source of damage. I might forgo Clip in the Top and just do 4x Rate of Fire bonuses instead since the Reload on the gun is fairly quick anyways.

Javelin Gun:
[T] 4x +2 Rate of Fire +2 Clip
[B] 4x +2 Damage +2 Reload
Why: You can't trigger the Bottom without first firing the Top, so there is no need to put Rate of Fire or Clip on the Bottom. Damage and Reload fit there perfectly. The Javelin itself needs the Clip and Rate of Fire upgrades in order for you to spam the Alt Fire for it's true source of damage.

Contact Beam:
[T] 4x +2 Clip +2 Damage
[B] 4x +2 Clip +2 Reload
Why: Both weapons suffer from a very low amount of Ammo. They greatly need the +Clip Circuits. The Secondary is mostly a tool to knock enemies back or take out a swarm of weaker enemies around you. The primary attack can kill most enemies in a single shot with the high damage.

Other Comments

The Pulse Rifle still goes through ammo like crazy, but with +2/+2 Damage/Clip circuits, it does tear up enemies on the Rifle. It's not very good at Crowd Control since there is no Safety Guard on the Grenade Launcher, and I almost wonder if it's even worth using the Grenade since the Pulse Rifle kills fast enough on it's own.

Force Gun can kill swarms and Feeders with the Top in just a couple shots. The Bottom doesn't work like the shotgun normally does, but it can do the job, just a little slower and less range. This is probably the safest gun in the game to play with, but it doesn't do a good job at boss killing.

Seeker Rifle lack of any bottom tool means Stasis becomes your secondary function. The two work great together, but the gun becomes completely useless in small rooms or against swarms.

Plasma Cutter is average in every way. Not particularly strong, but good enough to get the job done.

I found the Javelin to be rather useless because you have to fire both weapons in order to get the most out of it. If you miss with the Top, you screw yourself on the bottom too. The Force Gun does everything better.

Force Gun is weaker but still better than Contact Beam.

User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

4 years ago#14
Just bought the Rivet Gun.


This gun is amazing. It works like the Javelin Gun but 100x better. The primary gun comes with 25 shots and fires fairly quickly. It hits hard too. Like a faster (and slightly weaker) revolver. It's great for single enemies. The Alt fire is when you just don't want to screw around with the enemy, or if you have multiple enemies near each other.

The radius on the Explosion seems rather small, but I haven't had enough enemies around to fully test. The Rivet stuns the enemy you shoot, and I think you can attach more Rivets and explode them all at once, but one Rivet + Explosion currently seems more than enough to take down a single enemy.

I speced it this way:
[T]2x +2 Rate of Fire +2 Damage, 2x +2 Damage +2 Reload
[B]3x +2 Damage +2 Clip, 1x +2 Damage +2 Reload
Why: For the Bottom, I wanted to increase the clip as much as I could, but 4 was the most I could get out of 6 Clips and nothing more from 8, so I split the reload between the two. The Top already had a decent enough clip size for it's moderate rate of fire, so I didn't see any need to pump up it's Clip and went with Rate of Fire and Reload split between full Damage.

User Info: comftblynumb

4 years ago#15
well i have tried most of the classic weapons in my standard game and even with all mk-v parts and 3/3 circuits most of them seem pretty weak to me.

i just tried the rivet gun and find it has the same velocity as the jevelin but it only gets a max of 4 secondary shots and they seem to only affect the target they are in even though the rivets are shown flying around everywhere. the only benefit i see is more rof and bigger clip at the cost of a LOT of damage and aoe, it also does not stun with every shot like the javelin does but it is a decent choice. your probably best off loading the bottom with damage and reload to support the top and largely ignore the secondary fire.

i played with the force gun some more and im still very unimpressed with it. with max damage on bottom it was still often taking 2 or more shots to kill weak necros and it has a small clip, the top does very little damage so its only real use is knocking things down and killing very weak things with many shots. the bottom also suffers from slow rof, charge time and not much range. i cant reccomend this gun.

the pulse rifle just eats ammo too fast so theres too much reloading for my taste, plus your likely to kill yourself with the grenades. i would only use it in boss fights and wouldnt call it a good choice even for that.

the seeker rifle isnt bad, load it with damage and clip. probably a decent second weapon for boss fights and more open areas.

contact beam...the bad: very small clips, ground diffractor is buggy and charge time. the good: when it work it works good and with the right circuits its a better choice then many.

i like the ripper because it fun to use and is fairly effective at killing but the low velocity and the poor stun of the suspended blade are turn offs.

the flamethrower and detonator really arent worth mentioning aside from dont use them. the line gun wouldnt be bad if rof could make the timed mine useful like in the previous games.

last but not least is the plasma cutter. all damage and rof on top, all reload on bottom and you get a high damage fast reloading gun thats easy to aim with and has high velocity when you need it. a great choice.

User Info: vcmv

4 years ago#16
For classic mode I go with force gun and pulse rifle. That is if you don't bother with dlc. The classic weapons suck in DS3. I say go with the evangelizer if you can.
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User Info: comftblynumb

4 years ago#17
"I found the Javelin to be rather useless because you have to fire both weapons in order to get the most out of it. If you miss with the Top, you screw yourself on the bottom too. The Force Gun does everything better."

you dont even have to hit anything with it, you can simply fire the javelins into the ground near you and everything will just walk into a death trap and be stunned while it dies...ya its useless alright. it does everything 10x better than the force gun.

i just finished my classic game using nothing but the javelin and plasma cutter, doing all optional missions, and it was a breeze. i never crafted a single item and i have 93 medium med packs and 32 stacks of ammo left. i imagine i sold a couple hundred or more small med packs.

the javelin kills aliens in 2 electrocuted shots to any part of them and it doesnt detonate anything explosive. the electrocution alone kill many necros with 2 damage 2 reload circuits and if you do the side missions you can get scaf circuits in chapter 14 for 3 damage and reload. put rof and clip on top and you can electrocute almost instantly. you have plenty of stasis if you want to shoot the necros rather then just electrocute them.

User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

4 years ago#18
I'll give it another try. I did just finish Ch14 and have the SCAF Circuits. The style of the Javelin is harder to get used to, and if you aim for center mass and still miss (difficult to do when things are charging you or on twitchers), it does kind of hurt you. I feel it is higher risk and reward, but not nearly as safe as the Force Gun. Still, willing to try again with it for a little bit.

I think you are overly harsh on the Rivet Gun though. I think it's amazing as a mini-revolver, and the ricochet explosion does in fact hit, it's just a small hit box. I basically shoot with the Rivet Gun primarily as it does a terrific amount of damage, and if something is still standing after 1-2 shots from the Rivet, an explosion generally finishes them off. I liked it better than the Javelin BECAUSE it had more shots and therefore more room for error, and still works as a traditional fire arm where the Javelin feels more like you are setting up traps like the Detonator.

User Info: comftblynumb

4 years ago#19
the rivet gun is ok but it has no crowd control, or at least very little, and so i would rather have the plasma cutter in its place since you only get 2 weapons. the plasma cutter has the velocity you need when the javelin wont cut it, like scaling walls and boss fights.

User Info: PhilOnDez

4 years ago#20
Does the Planet Cracker count as a DLC weapon? That's what I've been using. It's nice with the extra circuits and I don't really feel like it's cheating like using the evangelizer would be.

Seeker rifle kills pretty much everything in one shot, as long as you aren't missing every other shot it more than gets the job done.
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