Killed by Elevator

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User Info: Icefang526

4 years ago#1
Ran into the strangest glitch the other day while playing as Carver in an online game: after removing the obstructions blocking the tram and going into the elevator with the spitter ambush, the elevator began to fall as it normally would, but when it reached the bottom, the floor just basically dropped out on me, and I could see Carver's arms flailing...well, not exactly flailing but raised above his head as he literally fell into a black void....and to his death.

Both my partner and I were like WTF? What's even stranger to me is the fact that I don't even remember seeing that particular character falling animation anywhere else. It makes the glitch seem almost...intentional. @.@

User Info: DwR3000

4 years ago#2
Ooooooooooh yea I've had this happen to me man.

During hardcore play through around 15hrs in. It happened during carvers final hallucination side mission in the archeology dig site.
Lost all my progress and loadout due to this glitch.

What I've learned:

1. DO NOT do sidemissions during Hardcore mode, or should I say at your own risk.

2. USB save frequently when playing coop hardcore (many will tell you not to do coop while playing hardcore)

3.If you have enough warning, hardquit before dieing, saves time for the most part.
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User Info: d0ubl3sh0t

4 years ago#3
same thing happen to me. once the elevator start moving i was instantly in a free fall mode but i was still inside of the elevator. and then i died.
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