anybody get there demo code yet?

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  3. anybody get there demo code yet?

User Info: Unable2Connect

5 years ago#31
Just got mine.


User Info: Agent_Mac47

5 years ago#32
aeonb posted...
Agent_Mac47 posted...
I am from the UK and I have just got my code so check your email chaps.

When did you register for the demo? I did it last night about 9pm as I only noticed it then. I am also in UK but have not received anything.

I registered for the demo on the 2nd of this month, nearly 2 weeks ago but I don't think it matters when you registered as long as you did it before the deadline. Have you got it yet? Or anyone else from the Uk?

User Info: masblas

5 years ago#33
Yep got mine this morning and downloading now.
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  3. anybody get there demo code yet?

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