Anyone else having Auto Save troubles?

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User Info: RepublicanThug

4 years ago#11
BeefEaster posted...
I call BS on all of it

people can't complain about micro-transactions anymore so they had to fabricate something new to complain about

I buy parts and never complained. I absolutely love the game.

I call ignorant bs on your post.
4 more years? Sigh.....

User Info: RepublicanThug

4 years ago#12
ZephyrSSX posted...
RepublicanThug posted...
ZephyrSSX posted...
BeefEaster posted...
obviously people are quitting before they get to a save point and then trying to blame the game

Well what I mean is that it's just not possible what the TC is claiming. The game saves your progress after completing that side mission and like, again when you get on the tram and leave. I know because I just did it 10 minutes ago.

There's no way the game sent the TC back to pretty much the beginning of that whole thing.

Because YOU didnt experience it it isnt possible?

Could you be any more pompous?

Yes. If it's nearly as common as people keep claiming I'd have seen it on streams and for myself. I have not and I have saved and quit on this game many times.

As have I. And sometimes it simply doesn't work properly.

I dont get the big deal with some of you. Many people have posted about this issue. They cant all be isolated trolls. Im certainly not and ive experienced it on more than one occasion. To expect to see it online within 24 hours of release is absurd. Not to mention most people post glitches you can abuse not ones that set you back, unless they have comedic value.

Its real. Ive experienced it. I still LOVE the game and im done arguing with know it alls.
4 more years? Sigh.....

User Info: TheRock88

4 years ago#13
I had the same problem as OP too. Except mine I only went though about half way at Cannon Tower or whatever it's called and saved and quit. Came back a few hours later and it started me right back where you have to wait for the tram to appear while fighting the two regenerators.

User Info: GwennyGal

4 years ago#14
Sorry for the confusion. I will attempt to clarify where I was mistaken. When I saw I was back at the "waiting for the tram" part of Chapter 5, I just assumed I had to do the whole thing again. It seems that the optional side quest ending is not where the game auto-saves. I played it out and when I got to the place in Conning Tower where you find a work bench and the key card to access the elevator, there was no key card. Figuring I had it already I went to the elevator and it would not open. Again, I hate to admit it, I was confused. I went into the pause menu, looked into Progress & Unlocks, chose Chapter 5 and to my embarrassment found: Optional Missions Completed: 1 of 1. I only had to redo that fight sequence, hop back on the tram, chose Mid Station, stay on the tram and select Aft Station and Voila! I was back on track...pardon the pun.

I regret that my "weak" 44 year old "female" mind didn't figure it out quicker (lol), but it just seemed so inefficient. I saved and quit when I got back on the tram and called it a night. I just assumed I'd have started where I saved and left off. I’ve played many video games, some with different save styles and again this one just seemed really confusing and inefficient. Next time I do an optional side mission I’ll know what the heck I’m doing.

I assure you it was an honest mistake. It's actually the first time I've ever joined a message board let alone posted a message for assistance. It's sad how people just assume the worst of others. : ( A sincere Thank You to those (Republican Thug) who acknowledged that it is possible for glitches like this to happen now and again which was why my mind went there. Many of us older adults have much better things to do with our time than "troll" video game info sites with false, pretend dilemmas. Playing these great games is enough of a time eater thank you and a helluva lot more fun. : )

User Info: SOFRESHWII60_1

4 years ago#15
Its true the same exact thing happened to me
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User Info: BeefEaster

4 years ago#16
BS, I say

everything is BS

this is gamefaqs

User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

4 years ago#17
My game froze in a loading screen and sent me from chapter 15 to 11. I had to exit game and load chapter 15 and repeat it.
Fun Fact: I can play games with normal, inverted, and South Paw controls.

User Info: MortalisDeus

4 years ago#18
Happened to me as well in Ch 5. Just made a post about it. Plus I had the game breaking glitch where I backtracked and had the door lock behind me. Twice. Loaded up checkpoint and was back hours.

I was enjoying the game until that point.

User Info: GwennyGal

4 years ago#19
BeefEaster posted...

also, you were never able to save anywhere in the dead space games, you had to find save stations

I don't see how this is any different

Yes, you're right Dead Space 1 & 2 was not the same as, for example, Skyrim where you can save anytime, anywhere you'd like, but you could save as many times as you wanted. I would occasionally regret the way I played a certain section ie: being wasteful with resources and then finding out you've got a real battle coming up and you'll be needing the health and ammo you just squandered. The option was there to go back and do things better if you wanted to. Now that I figured out my error with the auto-save/side mission confusion, I'll most likely enjoy the game just as much as I did the first two. : )

User Info: GwennyGal

4 years ago#20
ZephyrSSX posted...
But I just noticed it's an account referring to the female sex with 0 karma making hyperbolic claims. Troll confirmed.

Firstly, just because you've had a smooth, glitch free experience with DS 3 it's not proof that it doesn't happen. Maybe you're special? You certainly seem to think so.

Now in regards to the above quote...

Just what is it that you are trying to say referring to my gender with such disdain and with statements such as 0 karma? Hyperbolic claims? Troll confirmed? You don’t even know me. If you were trying to be clever or insulting, you failed as you were neither. Yes I am indeed a woman, a mom even, why does that matter? Zero Karma? What does that mean? It's a belief that every living thing has a karma, good or bad. It's not meant to be quantified. It’s a theological subject. Were you trying to infer that I have no soul? As for hyperbolic, that’s a pretty big word. It would have been impressive if you had of used it properly. Nowhere did I “exaggerate” in my post. Perhaps if I had of said “The auto-save sent me to the very beginning of of the game!!!” you may have had a case. And lastly “troll confirmed”? Again you don’t know me from Adam and to make such a statement of fact shows just how ignorant and ungracious a person you are.

I went through the time to register with GameFaqs, posted a question that I genuinely meant and for my efforts in seeking help I got ridiculed and called a liar. And who’s the troll? Luckily there are some decent people who have had a similar experience posting also or else my faith in this forum would have been totally ruined by mean, small minded people such as yourself. In future I would suggest an approach of giving the poster the benefit of the doubt and suggest solutions, ideas, in general be helpful instead of an arrogant misogynist.
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