For the true fan of Dead Space and survival horror: Why this game is terrible.

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  3. For the true fan of Dead Space and survival horror: Why this game is terrible.

User Info: IDontWinMuch

4 years ago#1
Co-op: Unless you think RE5 was an improvement over RE4, and you don't, it ruins this franchise the same way it tore the heart out of the RE series. Not too hard to survive when you've got a meathead pal delivering one-liners to victory. Unless you love generic palate-swaps, don't bother.

Crafting: Lame, cynical cash-in only added so EA could shoehorn micro-transactions into a game universe which does not need them. Universal ammo? Really? Star Trek replicator syndrome not needed in a universe in which rationing was half the fun.

Dismemberment: Gone, or almost so; definitely downplayed to the point of irrelevance. Such a big point of the first two games, and now all you have to do is mag dump and shotgun your way to victory. Yawn.

Scares: Also gone. It traded these in for waves of non-descrpit foes that are as predictable as they are non-threatening. Remember getting ripped apart in the first two games? Yeah, almost impossible to have it happen this time around unless you bait it out to watch the sequences or suck at shooters.

Environment: I already played Lost Planet, thanks, but no thanks. It's called Dead Space for a reason, and while the space sequences are good they are too short and overshadowed quickly by the slog fest that is the remainder of the game.

Cover mechanic: I played Gears, it was bad, which is why I played Dead Space. Thanks for souring something I liked (the feeling of no place to hide, no place to run) by adding something I hated. DS 4: Now with dolphin diving!

Lack of challenge: Remember those days when you could brag to your casual gamer friends that you just beat some awful impossible game on its hardest setting and they cared? Those days are gone. It's Angry Birds for everyone or it doesn't get made.

The first Dead Space was a classic, but like the RE series, which peaked with RE4 (also a classic) this series has been dragged down mass-appeal casual gamer lane. I don't fault a company of talented people for wanting to make more money for their hard work, I do fault a company of said people for mutating their intellectual property into a mashup of commercially successful games by selling out the critical heart of the series. Did RE5 ship more units than RE4? Yes. Will DS3 ship more units than the first two games? Probably. Was it worth it? From the standpoint of posterity, no. I will still be replaying RE4 and DS1 years from now, RE5 and DS3 aren't even on the shelf anymore.

User Info: Warzore

4 years ago#2
maybe for you TC, but this game is awesome.

User Info: incinerator950

4 years ago#3
No wonder you don't win much.
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User Info: IDontWinMuch

4 years ago#4
Title says; for the TRUE fan of Dead Space and survival horror.

You, friend, and hundreds of thousands of others like you are the reason DS 3 is what it is. Of course you are going to love it, Visceral made it for you.

I didn't post this for you. I posted this for folks like myself who might not want to waste their money or time (which some of us have a limited amount of) on something that falls well below the mark set by the first game and fleshed out in the second.

User Info: Duffy12323

4 years ago#5
While I agree on a couple points I still think this is a great game and im enjoying it as much as I did with DS2.

User Info: LazyDave1

4 years ago#6
Blah blah blah... I disagree 100% with everything besides the cover system, which I definitely do hate. I liked this game as much as DS2, but the original is still slightly superior.

User Info: DurableDoor024

4 years ago#7
I's a true fan of the series and some survival horror games too, and this game isn't bad, the only point I'd agree with is the crafting. In the beginning of the game you can't really make any of the cool things you see in the blueprints section until you have resources, which, for me at least, took a while to get some really good weapons.
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User Info: Bapps44

4 years ago#8
From: IDontWinMuch | #001
peaked with RE4

troll post.

User Info: Planescaped

4 years ago#9
DS3 is fun, but it is completely unremarkable and shallow.
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User Info: SkrallRampager

4 years ago#10
Prepare to get flamed as people try to defend the game.

Talking about flaws in the game is not allowed on GFaqs.
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  3. For the true fan of Dead Space and survival horror: Why this game is terrible.

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