not getting this game until

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User Info: kablamo

4 years ago#1
I pick up a nice set of wireless, surround sound, headphones.


User Info: DarkOmen_X

4 years ago#2
Ya i use my turtle beaches with this game, Really changes the feel of the game for me.
Gamer Tag: D4RK OMEN

User Info: Dirn2

4 years ago#3
Playing this game with a crazy surround sound system and in 3D is crazy. I almost don't like playing in 3D because it's too scary.

2D = Kids Play
3D = Piss on Myself
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User Info: revanninja

4 years ago#4
I dont like headphones I am deaf in one ear and there is no way to mono it that I am aware of so it cuts off half the sound if I use Headphones.
I have an answer to everything whether its a good answer is entirely irrelevant

User Info: Arsenal0602

4 years ago#5
I have wired ones, they make a huge difference even comparing to the normal surround sound system I have.

User Info: psycho42069

4 years ago#6
I went to gamestop just to get a pair of turtlebeach XP5s the day that DS3 came out. Didn't even realize it was out that day. Got a copy and I've played every minute of the game with them. It doesn't even feel like the same game when I play without them. You can tell EXACTLY where the enemies bust out at so they never really get the drop on you....but if you have them up loud it will scare the s*** out of you! Also the ambience is creepy as f***! Truly awesomeness in you earholes!
GT: psycho42069
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