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invisible gifted tungsten barsknives out13/2/2014
Anyone Else Have This Weapon Crafting Glitch?guitarnut_xiix53/2/2014
Hmm when you ride the elevator down right after switching to disc 2....Andronicus8772/27/2014
Full coop playthrough start to finishBetax8652/27/2014
Why oh why did I lose a bot when I started new game+??!!Andronicus8762/24/2014
Co-Op Start to finishCanisVampirim52/24/2014
I had an issue with my online code...staycool798942/22/2014
Anybody ever find out about "In the Air Cover"TheLastOneThere22/22/2014
Need help with Co-Op "Heaven Can Wait" Achievement for Awakened DLCAJM_Ruler52/20/2014
Questions about necromorph infectionUrdnot_Runt52/20/2014
Would like to Co-oP as carver start to finish or chapter 11-15Andronicus8712/20/2014
How come one of my scav bots disappeared in new game+Andronicus8722/17/2014
Question Regarding Elite FramesMagothys52/17/2014
Staycool I have a 2 day online access code.Andronicus8722/16/2014
please oh please join my coop game im in chapter 5Andronicus8732/16/2014
Would anyone anywhere want to play through this online with me?Andronicus8742/16/2014
Will putting any circuits in a PCs rotator cuff affect the weapon in any way?Andronicus8742/14/2014
If there is a Dead Space 4, what would you want to see changed?
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Friendly HC gamer who likes to meet new HC gamers looking for a coop partner.Andronicus8712/14/2014
Alot more detail in this game then the last one.MASKOAAA12/12/2014
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