ITT: We come up with character/weapon skins we'd like to see.

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User Info: Evil_Squidward

5 years ago#1
Like the title says, just say what sort of character skins you'd like to see. It could be a character (*cough Alex Brand cough*), or just a skin for an already announced character, like Mechanic Baird or something along those lines.

Character-wise, I would love to see Alex Brand make an appearance (at least for MP), as well as Carlos Santiago, and maybe even a young Marcus.

Skin-wise, I'd like to see a "civiliian" Baird/Cole. And I don't mean Bling Cole from Gears 3.

Weapons... They need more cool animated skins, for sure. I'd dig some various liquid metal colors. Hell, just give us an option to craft our own skins, by picking a design, animation, and color.
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User Info: poke_123rules

5 years ago#2
Defult cog should be set to "random" no baird or marcus etc.
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User Info: AlucardFenix

5 years ago#3
It would be cool if they let you create your own online, even if it cost a little $ like .99 or something, just to see what others came up with. And half price for ones already in use, so .99 for the one you create but .50 for the one your friend made that sparks an intrest. Also all Damn characters, comic, book, and all 4 games; locust and cog alike. Hell throw in some new ones too

User Info: Metaknighter

5 years ago#4
I agree on the "Not Baird or Marcus" thing, that got irritating with Marcus in Gears 3.

As for characters, I don't mind, but RAAM or Skorge would be cool.
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User Info: JON4495

5 years ago#5
If they brought back the characters from gears 3, would they still have the same names? i.e would gears 3 baird be called Damon baird or something like future baird, and would classic baird be called future classic baird? O_o

User Info: The_Schoolist

5 years ago#6
Anya in a bikini.
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User Info: TheChrisRichter

5 years ago#7
Bai Tak and Pad Salton. All are alive and well.
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User Info: Energist

5 years ago#8
Gil Gettner. She's such a badass. I want a mission where I get to pilot KR-80 as her, too.

User Info: Ryan2002

5 years ago#9
Kim Ming.....but with HAIR!!

A Jose Canseco bat? Tell didn't pay money for this.

User Info: xXHeH8MeXx

5 years ago#10
Beach Boy Cliffy
Viking Rod Fergusson

Tye-dye skin
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