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User Info: Kuebel33

3 years ago#1
Wow.. the highest number of people in a playlist right now is 168. Every single other playlist except for 2 of them have 25 or less people playing worldwide...granted it is 6:30 am est but still...
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User Info: MrDummy

3 years ago#2
I noticed that too, I just ended a 2 hour straight special event that merged from sawed off FFA to shootout which i gnasers & breachshot weapons only.

I was just starting to get wicked at using the sawed off as well...but I noticed every room I joined it was bots but then after a few mins real peeps started to pop in.

Also, who knows if those numbers are 100% accurate? It's hard to think only a few peeps are playing world wide...even cult type games have more players online then that shows!

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