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User Info: V_Miester

4 years ago#1
i dont understand this very well hoping for some clarification.

so during the tutorial when its teaching you the spell i thought it said you banish enemies you kill to other worlds. so after i defeated the trolls at the same spot you get the spell i used banish killed someone (npc i think) and got an item or unlocked one atleast. long story short i go around killing enemies and then thinking i banish a couple times and receive items almost instantly after casting banish.

so now i grasp the concept of sending enemies into worlds through curses or banish but i dont understand the point now. what are the rewards? how long do the totems stay?

a little rant: back to the previous question, what is the point, i try to curse or banish enemies to other players whenever i see a player with a diff god and 99% of the time the player just runs away and doesnt even bother fighting. usually i try and banish enemies when im fighting waves of enemies or "bosses" in dungeons.

User Info: Scampz

4 years ago#2
You are meant to banish enemies whilst they are still alive. Not after you kill them. And try keep this talk to the forums.

User Info: CYSTEMtea

4 years ago#3
One good trick is after a banish, go and put a totem near an exit so, if they try and run away they will run into a particularly nasty creature and it could potentially block their escape. If they choose to kill it they will be stuck in combat and that risky business if they're running the first place. Make sure you place a good totem though. Wolves are a bit glitchy but if they work properly they are one of the best for the price if they work properly. Witch doctors are probably second best low level totem, for blocking exits. Drop another cheap broodling totem strategically near it but not too close so they aren't sure which is which. Ultimately if they don't want to fight totems they can just teleport out. Hope that help you troll people better. I haven't seen any rewards yet, but supposedly you get souls for damaging other people with your creatures. Regardless, I still use them when I want or if someone wants to play grief wars.

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