void dungeon locations

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User Info: goodude19

4 years ago#1
I wanted to know where all the dungeon locations are but only found boards for the dark and light so for those of you who are wondering just like me i thought i would go through the world on a hunt for these void only dungeons.enjoy.

1:Zone:Ruined Cliffs Level:Battlements Dungeon:Puzzling Path. As soon as you get in turn right
2:Zone:Ghostfang Widlands Level:Shadow Glen Dungeon:Time's Doom. It is in the south center of the map.
3:Zone:Arkan Moors Level:Well of Gloom Dungeon:Cave of Betrayal. It is on the east side of the well.
4:Zone:Valley of the Dead Level:Temple Gates Dungeon:Eternity Vault. Just as you pass through the giant grave yard like spot hug the left wall and you should see it.

I think there is one per zone if i'm wrong and you would like to correct me please do so. I hope this helps you out.

User Info: doughnutman

4 years ago#2
davesuk posted...
Dark Dungeons:

Ruined Cliffs - The Battlements - Darkstone Mausoleum
Ghostfang Wildlands - Heart of Kul - Well of Cinders
Arkan Moors - Gor Loch - Shadowrock Tomb
Valley of the Dead - Skull Pit - Pain's Embrace

Void Dungeons:

Ruined Cliffs - The Battlements - Puzzling Path
Ghostfang Wildlands - Shadow Glen - Time's Doom
Arkan Moors - Well of Gloom - Cave of Betrayal
Valley of the Dead - Temple Gates - Eternity Vault

Light Dungeons:

Ruined Cliffs - The Battlements - Whiterock Chamber
Ghostfang Wildlands - Wisp Grove - Whitestone Gardens
Arkan Moors - Lost Marsh - Illuminated Path
Valley of the Dead - Skull Pit - Crucible of Law
Gamertag: ArsenicJoker
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